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Make Us Stronger (Sentimental Guitar) (Solo Guitar)

Ambient cinematic guitar music suitable for projects seeking for a nostalgic and minimal guitar feel into the music Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more!

Corporate Ambient Technology

A modern piece of corporate inspirational music featuring technology and glitched sounds. a minimal modern track with beautiful sounds and light atmospheric melodies, perfect for your creative futuristic and technology video project. Also, a version without glitch technology sounds is in the pack.

Expectation of exodus (Tension suspense electronic)

A tense electronic composition that creates an atmosphere of expectation and an anxious mood. Combined with intense movies, video games, social, suspense videos, slide shows, animation, and other projects.

Technology news (Corporate presentation promo)

Minimal electronic background that creates an atmosphere of developing technologies and an optimistic mood. In combination with technological, scientific, corporate videos, educational, promo videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Complex technology (Electronic promo background)

Electronic minimal background that creates a technological atmosphere and a good mood. Combined with technology presentations, videos with an atmosphere of innovation, as well as corporate and promotional videos.

Mellow Piano Jazz

A relaxed track featuring only piano and drums for a minimal feel. Perfect for background music to help create a romantic and peaceful mood.

Curiously Funny

A minimal music track with brass instruments and pizzicato strings that is good for accentuating funny, awkward, and wacky moments in projects. Four versions are available: Full version (0:51) 30-second version (0:28) 15-second version (0:14) Ident/stinger

Technological minimalism (Electronic smooth background)

Minimal electronic background that creates a technological atmosphere and optimistic mood. In combination with technological, scientific, presentation videos, educational, commercials, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Transience (Variable minimal background)

Minimal accelerating and decelerating background with a neutral atmosphere and an optimistic mood. Combined with energy, sports, promo and training videos, commercial projects, etc.

Motivating Corporate

Beautiful inspirational and motivational corporate track. Great for inspirational videos. Used Instruments: piano, guitar, strings, bass, percussion, drums, synth, whoosh. Track perfect for corporate projects, advertising, film and TV, presentations, YouTube, background, business, radio, videohive p...

Stomp Groove

A short track with drums and percussion only. Perfect for advertising, TV or any promotional video. Zip icludes : 1. Stomp Groove Main version (1:00) 2. Stomp Groove Long version (1:38)

You should understand [Warm Lofi Hip Hop]

This is a dusty lo-fi hiphop background track. Old, textured piano chords along with a jazzy guitar are the fundation, while mellotron violin, flutes, horns and other ingredients add to the atmosphere. This track will set a warm, dreamy, and calm relaxing mood.

The Digital Technology - Main

Great for technology advertisement, presentations of future, innovative and technological processes videos, promos, commercials, media entertainment, news, slideshows, infographics, presentations, tutorials, explainers, YouTube videos and more!
Yann Keerim
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