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Smart Controller

A soft ambient track with an inspiring feel perfect for technology visuals, corporate media, digital advertising or innovation.

The New Opportunity

A clean ambient background with piano, guitars and plucks great for technology media, digital projects, startup or advertising.

Street Groove Hip Hop

Energetic and epic hip hop track. You can hear groovy drums, super big and wide synth riff, creative percussion and minimalistic melodies. This track is great for workout sport videos, street style culture, vlogs, commercials, videos about travel and cars.

Love and Hope

Inspiring and emotional music track in indie rock style. Great for motivational projects, corporate, romantic, wedding, photo slideshows. You can hear drums, piano, electric guitars and strings.

High Tech Minimal Logo

Minimal downtempo futuristic logo. You can hear glitch sound effects, ambient melodies and harmonies, pure electronic percussion groove. Best suitable for corporate, high tech, innovation, education, tutorial projects.

Abstract Thoughts

Modern abstract electronic track with live instruments. You can hear marimba, ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano brass section, strings section and a lot of electronic drums with percussion. Mood – thoughtful, melancholic, dreamy, creative. This track is best for creative ads, docume...

Indie Pop Rock

Uplifting and fresh sounding indie pop rock theme. You can hear not only standard guitar-drums-bass set of instruments, but also dobro and bouzouki! Arrangement is spacious enough for voiceover and enough dynamic for action videos. Mood is positive, optimistic and inspiring.

Relaxing in Nature

Calm and downtempo minimal track with memorable and atmosphere piano melody. Perfect for travel vlogs, spa, yoga and relaxing sessions, massage, cosmetics, romantic love stories. Also can be great background for innovative products, real estate, technologies and fashion.

Massive Corporate Logo

Huge and epic corporate logo. Best for branding and presentation of company, business or vlog.

Huge Corporate Logo

Huge and epic corporate logo. Best for branding and presentation of company, business or vlog.

Epic Corporate Logo

Huge and epic corporate logo. Best for branding and presentation of company, business or vlog.

Positive Corporate

Optimistic and positive corporate track. Middle tempo, sunny mood, guitar harmonics, nice piano and atmospheric synths makes perfect background for brand presentation projects.

On Hold

Dynamic and thoughtful music. Best for TV on-hold, business presentations, corporate videos, financial infographics and technology commercials.

Thoughtful Ambient Corporate

It`s an inspirational, motivational thoughtful corporate music with positive mood. You can hear stylish piano, modern guitar sounds and ambient synths. It can be perfect background for narrative, corporate presenting, motivational videos, inspiring promo, hi-tech ads, TV commercials, podcasts, scie...

Nature Positive Documentary

Sweet nature ambient music with piano and strings. This inspiring composition is full of care, love, hope, beauty and peace. Works best in narration, documentary, corporate projects, inspiring motivational videos, healthcare ads, explainers, slideshows and as background for youtube vlogs.

Sweet Piano Logo

Sweet and delicious piano logo with cute bells and fairy transitions. Will be great for advertising with babies, womans products, confectionery, banks, insurance, where valued trust and care.

Thoughtful Ambient

Thougthful Ambient is a meditative theme with accurate and intelligent arrangement. You can hear reflective marimba, cinematic pads and drones, unobtrusive percussion and sweet piano chords.

Minimal Ambient Corporate

Minimal and catchy corporate with modern pluck synth, ambient piano and deep house drums.

Make Us Stronger (Ebow Guitar Drone)

Ambient cinematic guitar music suitable for projects seeking for a nostalgic and minimal guitar feel into the music Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more!
Yann Keerim
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