A Powerful Cause (Full - Epic - Cinematic - Corporate - Trailer)

A Powerful Cause is a motivational and inspiring music track that features big and cinematic brass and strings melodies. This song is part of my "Cinematic Orchestral Themes" collection that gives you endless possibilities on your current production. The songs in this collection are perfect for eve...


Illumination - Cinematic inspirational and bright inspiring background music for your video production, slideshow, advertising, television broadcasting, Tik Tok, instagram video, vimeo video, youtube videos, documentary, travel videos and more... If you need a beautiful atmospheric track, then this ...

Uplifting Cinematic Advertising

Inspiring orchestral track. Features Grand Piano, Strings, Woodwinds, Obstinate Strings and Synthesizers. This emotional track starts with an awe soft piano and builds up into a powerful orchestral climax.

Hero is Born(Main Version)

Epic cinematic background track! Inspiring, energetic, melodic, beautiful and powerful song! Music is perfect for Slideshow, Movie Trailers, Teasers, Intro, Games, Sports Video, Advertising and other commercial projects! In the music I used orchestral instruments: piano, basses, violin, viola, cello...

Emotional & Solemn Orchestral Buildup

Hopeful and inspiring cinematic cue that starts with quiet strings and builds up into a final orchestral climax.

Signs of Hope

Evolving arrangement of hopeful, soft and emotional electric guitar theme, piano and strings.

Inspiring and Motivational

'Inspiring and Motivational' is a minimalistic evolving motivational and uplifting royalty free audio track with an inspiring and meditative mood, expressing a carefree and happy life. It will work for many applications, especially for your commercial, company presentation, film, Youtube channel, we...

Evolving Ocean

An evolving composition created with the theme of biology/science in time. Ideal for a modern title sequence or documentary segment. Piano, leading to Full Orchestral instrumentation.

Evolving Inspiration Extended Version with vocals

'Evolving Inspiration' is an evolving, uplifting, motivational and emotional track which will work great for company videos, presentations, commercials, ads, slideshow, wedding videos etc. It evolves from a dreamy and uplifting piano arpeggio to a bombastic inspirational and emotional track featuri...

Evolving Business (Full version)

Epic cinematic background music with strings, brass, synthesizer, trailer effects, percussion and big booms. Inspiring, energetic, melodic, beautiful and powerful big orchestral track, perfect for slideshows, cinematic movie trailers, image trailers, corporate videos, presentations, ads, promotion,...

Inspirational Elevation

Positive, motivating and uplifting music track with beautiful melodic lines and harmonies featuring piano, emotional orchestral strings, glockenspiel, drums and bass. Composition starts with a simple and peaceful piano melody accompanied by legato strings and builds up to an inspiring main part with...

Evolving Emotional Inspiration

'Evolving Emotional Inspiration' is a very emotional, uplifting and evolving track, suitable for your commercial, Youtube videos, Drone Videos, wedding video, nature videos etc.

Dream Catcher

Hopeful and optimistic song with an evolving arrangement.

My Inspiration

Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track featuring piano and strings. Hope, aspirations, visions. Reminiscent of the work of Vangelis.

Uplifting Cinematic Piano and Strings

An elegant, uplifting and classically sounding background track featuring piano, strings and clarinet. Ideal for corporate, promotion, presentation, weddings, commercial, tv, video, web and media projects.
Yann Keerim
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