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Sexy Latin Tune

Passionate and emotional Rock composition with a Spanish feel, playful guitars, hot percussions and a catchy beat. Motivating and brimful of life. Great for romantic videos, vacation and travel videos, Hot nights and dance scenes in films and videos.

First Dance Corporate

Latin dance and inspirational track with piano riff and acoustic guitars, electric guitar in inspirational groove, positive, inspirational and romantic available in 4 edits First Dance (main) First Dance (packed) First Dance (essential) First Dance (looped groove)

Saudade Inspirational

Emotional orchestrated and acoustic, piano theme, flute, acoustics recorded live , inspirational, smooth and romantic tune available in 3 edits Saudade Inspirational (main) Saudade Inspirational (packed) Saudade Inspirational (essential)

Gentle Background

Gentle and Elegant Inspirational music with beautiful and intimate sound. Light Acoustic guitars with cinematic piano and guitar harmonics playing very romantic and lovely melody and fills. Warm, ambient and relaxing atmosphere will be perfect background for any touching and sentimental Video, Media...

Upbeat Optimistic

Upbeat and Uplifting Inspirational track with very positive and motivational mood. Perfect background Music for any Creative Video or Media Projects. Main instruments are electric and acoustic guitars, piano, bells, strings and drum kit. Catchy and Energizing atmosphere keeping attention through the...

Do It Yourself

Lively song with drums, bass, ukulele, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, piano and fun percussion that imitates a busy craftsman. Perfect track for advertising, commercials, lifestyle, children themes and much more.

Finger Paint

Easy and friendly song with ukulele, marimba, glockenspiel, pizzicato and ocarina. Nice track that puts a smile on your face.

Smells Like Spring

This shuffle song reflects the coming of spring with a simple pizzicato - glockenspiel melody. Something like a march through the streets to tell everybody. Versatile piece for many applications.

Jazzy advertising

Nice Jazzy,Acoustic,Live,Motivational,Inspirational,Corporate,Commercial ,instrumental composition for your projects. This is a jazzy, cocktail music intro with live instruments upright bass piano and vibraphone. For beginning of your successful multimedia projects.

Live News Events

Atmospheric music for news programs or any other TV, broadcast or internet media projects. Colorful strong and bright track keeps the tension and attention through all composition. If you need music which keeps the tension and attention from beginning till the end this track for you.

Powerful Modern Logo

Powerful Modern Logo in with big sound of modern dance energy will give you strong unforgettable and memorable background for your project.

Shocking News Sensations

Dramatic and mystical track that keep your attention from the beginning till the end. Track will be perfect for TV news, broadcast, internet media etc.

Jazz Presentation

Beautiful compact and light jazz presentation with acoustic live instruments piano, saxophone, guitar and upright bass will present you traditional jazz vibe like in old good times.

Breaking News Sensations Intro

Powerful Bright and dramatic Logo will leave you with big impact from emotional energy pressure and excitement.
Yann Keerim