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Dark Omen

Gloomy and ominous, with suspenseful strings and dark piano. Starts out pensive and marches toward an epic and dramatic climax.


Lush and expressive with easy listening elements, featuring gentle strings and piano that create a soothing, sentimental mood.

LA Nights

Mellow and slick, featuring spacious electric guitar, piano and synthesizer that create a dreamy, trippy mood. Works great for night scenes and mystery.


This suspenseful music bed is excellent to underscore a dramatic reality TV, documentary, or game show. The music bed would fit a tense moment, journey into the unknown, or final game show question very well.


An energetic and uplifting Drum´n´Bass/Jungle track with a mystical touch. Works great for advertisement and corporate movies.

Law of the Street

Slick and cool, featuring groovy keyboards, synth drums and synthesizer that create a confident, suave mood.

The Deep House

Groovy and slick with deep house elements, featuring warm synthesizer and synth drums that create a calming, confident mood.

Good Times

A positive, upbeat and inspirational Pop-Rock tune. Great for corporate presentations, Day Time TV and commercials.


Weighty and building with cinematic elements, featuring pulsing percussion and strings that create an anticipatory, dramatic mood.

The Great Unknown

This dark, epic and mysterious Hybrid Score conveys a suspenseful uneasiness. Dark synth arpeggiators pair up with cinematic, eerie strings and epic drums.

Fashion Queenz

An uplifting and positive House track. Great for fashion shows and runway presentations.

Corporate Anthem

Uplifting and inspirational corporate music with Piano, Glockenspiel and Strings. Great for corporate movies, inspirational presentations, commercials and much more.

Crime Scene Investigation

This piece creates a gloomy and ominous atmosphere in which all hope seems lost. The piano creates an element of tension and a feeling of grief and despair, as the sparse notes softly ring out against a minimalist soundscape

Tension Rising

A dramatic music bed that conveys a sense of tension and uneasiness. Hang drums and synth arpeggios combined with percussion convey a contemporary and cosmopolitan feel.


An epic music film trailer track. Dramatic string textures coupled with lush rhythmic synths and piano build to a majestic climax, suggesting hope mixed with peril. Conveys a sense of optimism and resolves quietly on a victorious note. Great track for a heroic story of struggle and romance.

Desert Trek

With an excellent middle eastern atmosphere, this orchestral cue makes the audience feel as if they where taking an epic journey across the desert, curious to discover what magical treasures may lie just beyond the sand dunes.

Puffy Little Clouds

Smile along with this happy go lucky corporate tune that evokes thoughts of uplifting productivity and business on the rise. You will be inspired to reach new heights in business as you rock along with the playful bells. A great corporate music soundtrack for a commercial start up that is spunky and...

Corporate Competence

An uplifting piece of corporate music that conveys the positive feeling that anything can be achieved. The keyboard carries the melody while the accompaniment harmony makes the music keep feeling more and more inspirational.


Climatic instrumental music, ebow and piano.


Uptempo rock tune with mellow haunting bridge.

The Magic Frog

Funk- Rock tune about a frog in the woods. Featuring a drum solo and a punk rock guitar bridge. Melodic chorus.
Yann Keerim
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