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Forever Life

Epic and inspiring royalty-free cinematic background music for video. This track is great as: Music track for epic commercial, advertising; Epic music background for travel or trip video; Heroic music for uplifting epic trailer and teaser; Action epic background music for energetic showreel; ...

Broken Ballerina

The toy ballerina played her wonky music box as all the other toys danced in joy to pretty, lush, nostalgic little beats, only to be interrupted. "Shush! It's a human! Act toy-ish!" As he passed by, the mean bully kid roared and menaced the others: "leave it alone! it's just a broken ballerina...

Beauty in the Beast

Continuation to the track "Android's Cry", this shows the android in case discovering more "garbage" left by the former inhabitants. Cut to scenes of the android watching a Super 8 montage. Road trips of a young family. Beautiful, nostalgic, but the video keeps showing their faces concerned every ti...


The continuation of "Dellusion" (the track before in the album), it gives a dreamy feel to what is to chase your dreams without the negativity of "caring" about social validation and others judgement. A moment of "freedom" and yes: daydreaming.

Apathy Inertia

Represents trying to overcome the urge to freeze due to anxiety and insecurity. Fear of failure and not fulfilling “social validation” leading to procrastination. The imposter Syndrome monster. The visuals for this were always inspired by dance. Silk monsters trying to pop out of their skin as t...

Foetal Position

The feeling of wanting to just “curl up” and hide, with hints of hope throughout and might fool into thinking things are calming down and soothing, but dissonant subliminal “suggestions” in form of ethereal melodies keep dragging it to the feel on inevitable need to just confront life as it ...

Wonderful Day

A dreamy, emotional royalty-free indie folk, with an airy acoustic guitar, background vocal hums, mandolin, guitar leads, and cozy drums, best for travels, vlogs, road trips, or landscapes.
Yann Keerim
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