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Piano Groovin (Underscore version)

A fresh, upbeat and positive pop-rock track with a great energy level and a really uplifting vibe.

Right From The Get Go (Underscore version)

A catchy, bouncy and feelgood pop-rock / light rock track with a sense of fun and freedom. Youthful and appealing.

Shes The One (Underscore version)

A friendly, family / youth oriented pop ballad in 6/8 rhythm, with a catchy melody and heartfelt / caring feel.

Take a Shot (Underscore version)

A very upbeat pop/rock instrumental with a high energy level and a bouncy, syncopated verse part. Happy and fresh!

You Know We Got It (Underscore version)

A happy and uplifting pop / light rock track with a piano & bell lead. Family friendly, with high spirits and a youthful energy.

Wild Nights (Underscore version)

Rock, Indie, Sexy, Crazy, Young. Nasty rock and roll with a strong indie vibe. Male vocals chants a singalong melody that evokes a party atmosphere. Great for urban sports and youth oriented footage, or even a Lap Dance scene!

Bewitched Jeannie (Underscore version)

Happy jazz theme inspired by those classic sixties sitcoms such as Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeannie and Father Knows Best. Great for spoofs and comedy.

Happy As Folk (Underscore version)

Very positive and uplifting folk in the style of Mumford and Sons. Acoustic guitars, whistling and glockenspiel, over a driving drum pattern.

Cowboy From Hell (Underscore version)

Ominous and arid western atmosphere, inspired by modern TV drama like Breaking Bad and CSI. Crime and gangster feel, as well as police investigation mood.

Me and My Mullet (Underscore version)

Retro 80's hard rock soaked in glory and reverb. Think Top Gun. Heroic theme with blazing guitar licks and an uplifting chorus. Synth bass and electronic drum machine lend a special character to this track.

Between Heaven and Hell (Underscore version)

Epic rock anthem with a powerful chorus and an uplifting vibe, in the style of Coldplay, U2 and 30 Seconds To Mars. Vibrant, fresh and edgy. Great for youth related stuff, and also positive enough for corporate video and communication.

Real Steel (Underscore version)

Macho blues rock inspired by The Black Keys. Strong indie feel, with a masculine stomping groove. Edgy.

Banjo Beat (Underscore version)

Blues banjo riffs over a dirty breakbeat, with a solo slide guitar on top. Great for modern western, american drama and desert or muddy reality shows.

Indie Heartland (Underscore version)

Uplifting and uptempo folk tune, with a happy whistle melody. In the style of Mumford and Sons, and The Lumineers.

Swamp Monster (Underscore version)

Modern blues rock track with banjo, guitars and heavy drums. Similar to Beck and Cage The Elephant.

Chrome and Neon (Underscore version)

Extra cheesy retro eighties boogie funk, with electronic drums and synth bass. Nile Rogers influenced guitars and vintage keyboard solos and riffs make you feel like 1982.

Funk You Up (Underscore version)

Late 70's and early 80's funk track, inspired by Cameo and Gap Band. Heavy drums and funky guitars, with horns and synth bass lines. In the style of Uptown Funk, song by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

Roll Wit Da Gang (Underscore version)

Powerful rap beat combined with retro synthesizers and vintage bass samples. Cool, dark and quirky.

Sexy Soul Glow (Underscore version)

Sensual and cheesy sexy soul cliche, with an expressive saxophone phrase. The type of tune to set the mood for a sexual scene, or even a spoof of an eighties porn movie.
Yann Keerim