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The Detective (Investigative)

Old school double-bass driven track great as a background to an investigation scene, cooking or game show. Perfect for a segment on searching or studying. Allows plenty of room for voice-over. Corporate, advertising, non-intrusive, TV scene for Antiques Road show or spy caper, education, Private Eye...

Atrophy (Tension)

Post-modern track with a dark, dystopian feel. Dissonant coloration, graveling drone, long tones, organic atmospherics, slow tempo with a slow build. Granular violins and cellos mixed with synth elements make this piece great for an investigative scene, the lonely expanse of space and conflicted ...

Rust (Tension)

A tortured bazantar mixed with violins and a discordant orchestral drone make this track ideal for conveying loneliness and desolation. Steel strings give a wild west feel, perfect for a show like Westworld.

If Only the Walls Could Speak

by Rolly
Do you hear that? The walls are dripping with secrets to tell. Tragic and hidden. A mix of comedy and drama. Mischievous and innocently scary. Light orchestra with harpsichord. Quirky and silly. Desperate housewives. Sitcom. Humorous and delightfully naughty. Sneaking around. Solving a mystery. Hear...

Dance With the Unseen

by Rolly
A mix of comedy and drama with a taste of the paranormal. Imagine dancing with a ghost in a large spooky mansion. Mischievous and innocently scary. Light orchestra with harpsichord. Quirky and silly. Desperate housewives. Sitcom. Humorous and delightfully naughty. Sneaking around. Solving a mystery....

Spy vs Spy

Comic and adventure music theme, will suit as a background music for crime comedies, weird and awkward scripts, tiptoe villains, childish or mad adults, cartoons, and more. Features accordion, pizzicato strings, viola, harp, trumpet mute wah, organ, trombon, bassoon, mute guitar, pizzicato bass, g...

Developing And Growing

Harp clock ostinato combined with Piano and some inspiring elements. Suited for thinking and developing subjects, preparing a plan or hatching an idea. Longing for something with a hopeful vibe, emotional and determined.

Dark Cloud

by kubed
Sparse,dramatic piano driven track with a sad, melancholic mood and light tension. The background atmospheric pads add texture to the mystery and tension. It could work great for dramatic scenes, mystery movies and alien or ghost related documentaries.


Electronic and Acoustic mix with nice Piano, Sax and Guitar theme appropriate for TV drama series like ER, General Hospital, Chicago Hope, Law and Order or 24. Elegant new product launch, Pepsi or Coca Cola Branding Campaign, Eco Friendly Commercials, High Tech corporate video, website, PSA

black hole sun

Ambience Ambient Background Drama dramatic dream Echoeing Echoes Etherial Etherial Etherial Enigma Evolving Expectation Fantasia Fantasy Feelings film film music filmgame Filmscore filmscoring Inspiration Inspire Investigate Investigation Investigative Journey jazz jazzy submarine chase Meditate m...

hopscotch and bubblegum

An easy going, carefree and playful childlike mood is created by acombination of woodwinds, percolating percussion rhythms, pizzicato cello and quirky unique slidingsounds. Good for lightly comedic situations and mischievous scenarios of all kinds.

below the surface

A slow, brooding and atmospheric cinematic underscore that is perfect for implying a mysterioussubtext for a scene. A hypnotic harp pattern, high solitary piano notes washed inecho and low ominous strings set the mood for this somber soundtrack.
Yann Keerim
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