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March of Fans Logo

The martial music under noise of crowd and pipes will add your creativity in the best possible way

Sadness Cello

Sadness, cinematic, melancholic, new age background music with cello solo.

Shaman Dance

Interesting dark rock music. Can be used in cinematic, discovery, nature, adventure videos.

Slap And Funk

Funky and groovy modern fashion music track with slapping bass.

Sports Uplifting Theme

Dancing modern background music with guitars and trance sound for your sport video.

Sunset 2

Beautiful cinematic background music with piano, guitar, pads. Dramatic minimal First Part and relaxed sensual chilled Second part of track. Good choice for melancholic, cinematic, nature or another your videos and projects.

Tech Logo 4

Hi-tech logo for presentation or advertising. Will be ideally suited for your creativity

African Epic Soundtrack

African epic cinematic music with ethnic instuments, choir, brass and strings. Perfect music for your film, game, travel or video about nature

Arabic Logo

Beautiful logo with elements of the Arabian melodies and atmosphere of adventures.

Atmospheric Backrgroud

Nice mellow electronic chillout soulful music. Can be used in your video, scientific, space, travel and the other projects.

Stranger Than That

This mysterious suspenseful track uses vintage analog synths to evoke emotions, starting slowly and building to a huge percussion and synth crescendo. Inspired by Survive, Trent Reznor, Junkie XL, and Steve Reich, this song has a classic sound that is very modern. Suspense, tension, surprise, di...


A beautiful and inspiring piano movement. Perfect for YouTube romantic videos, documentary series, commercials, advertisements, film/television, wedding videos and corporate presentations.

Inspired Travel

This is an uplifting pop country track featuring piano intro, guitars, synths and drums. Perfect for any inspirational and uplifting projects!


Inspirational ambient background music featuring acoustic piano, gentle pads on the background, bass and drums. Perfect for corporate media, motivational videos, TV commercials, advertisements, media projects and podcasts, web videos, science and invention,medicine, pharmaceutical and high technolog...

Desert Trek

With an excellent middle eastern atmosphere, this orchestral cue makes the audience feel as if they where taking an epic journey across the desert, curious to discover what magical treasures may lie just beyond the sand dunes.

To a New Dawn

Lush and grand with cinematic elements, featuring soothing strings and percussion that create a majestic, heroic mood.

70s Dance

70's dance band. Authentic seventies dance music with organ, clavinet, bass, drums. Not quite disco, not quite rock. Good dance beat. The background in every bar from that era. Scenes: dancing, walking, running, driving, relationships, the 70's, the 80's, live music. Perfect soundbed fo...

Magical Piano Background

An inspiring and uplifting track that will bring life, imagination and magic to your production. Perfect for christmas holiday advertisements and seasonal marketing campaigns as well as corporate commercials and inspirational videos. It features piano and strings starting near the middle to give it ...
Yann Keerim