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Jazz Bond

Jazzy composition with an exciting atmosphere, upright bass, strings, voices in the background and a percussive beat. Perfect for crime and spy thrillers.

little james bond

Unique sounds . Suspenseful ,funny , freaky , bizarre , tempo driven. For Comedy and Animation


A careful and dangerous spy track with a dark aftertaste. Mission impossible comes to mind as our hero is trying to penetrate the enemy fort and gain access to secret information. Key Words: confident tense secret spy dangerous

Mister Bond

James Bond spin off , suspensfull , energetic , spy like For Film and TV Big Band ,60th guitar , vibes , drums 1m19sec

The Power of Love (Romantic Piano Ballad)

A romantic piano ballad that's perfect for a wedding video, or a romantic scene in a movie or video game. Relive all the fantastic moments of your wedding day with a video or picture slideshow, together with this track, or bring a romantic scene to life in your movie or game scene! Available in ...

Inspirational Day (Optimistic & Positive)

Fun and optimistic pop track, with piano, acoustic guitar, drums and strings. Perfect for: corporate advertising, business presentations, commercials and infomercials. Available in 2 versions: * With a piano melody * Without a piano melody

Organic Audio Logo 1

Diverse and short audio logo. Perfect as an introduction to your video or project and suitable for all kinds of different project styles and genres.

Piano Audio Logo 1

Diverse and short audio logo. Perfect as an introduction to your video or project and suitable for all kinds of different project styles and genres.

Forward Energy (Driving Corporate Underscore)

Very energetic and modern underscore with synths, drums, bells and bass. The track gives plenty of room for a voiceover to be included in your video, and the ending gives a perfect opportunity to place your company logo. Perfect for an infomercial, demonstration video, corporate video or trailer...

War Preperations (Cinematic Heroic Underscore)

Cinematic and ambient underscore, in the style of Gladiator and similar (war/heroic) movies. The track includes various cinematic percussion, Viola da Gamba, brass, strings, woodwinds and choir shouts. It has 2 parts with accents that give that epic/heroic feel to it, followed by an ambient and cal...

Happy Life (Happy Whistle Song)

A fast paced and very positive song featuring a ukulele, guitar, drums, music box and whistle. Everything you need to add a touch of happiness and positivity to your projects! This tune is very easy to remember and to whistle to. Includes 2 versions: * Happy Life * Happy Life (No Melody ver...

Victory Is Ours (Heroic Victory Theme)

A very heroic and proud victory theme, suitable for video games and movies. It has a long thriving intro which builds to an epic Horn melody. Add this to accomplish a feel of achievement to your project!

Limitless Power (Aggressive Victory Theme)

A very aggressive, driven and quite evil Victory Theme which builds to a climax with an epic melody of Horns and ending hits. Perfect for a video game or movie which requires a sense of accomplishment or where the bad guys win.

All For Nothing (Aggressive Defeat/Loss Theme)

An aggressive, almost evil, Deafeat/Loss theme, suitable for video games and movies. Perfect for when the bad guys are losing and are looking for revenge.

Fallen Glory (Dramatic Defeat/Loss Theme)

A very dramatic and sad Defeat/Loss theme, suitable for video games and movies. The track brings a sense of surrender and death.

Bazaar Rush Hour (Bustling Fantasy Scene)

Bustling Fantasy music, perfect for a fantasy marketplace in a film or TV serie in this setting. The track has a medieval-feel to it and can be used for scenes which requires a sense of urgency and/or liveliness.

Divine Beauty (Heavenly Organic Ambient)

Organic and ambient track, useable for all kinds of projects. The mix of Pads, Strings, Duduk and vocal melodies make it suitable for many different projects.

Tension Rising (Electronic Suspense Loop)

Dark, suspenseful driven track which is perfect for a video game. From the start it has a dark and futuristic sound to it, complete with guitars and a distortion pad. At 0:26 an ambient and mysterious piano sets in and is soon followed by a snare drum and an underlying chords change. At 1:04 a brigh...

Brand New Day (Uplifting & Motivational)

An uplifting and happy track that's perfect for an advertisement, presentation, slideshow, or product demonstration video.

The Journey (Dramatic Underscore)

Sad and melancholic track with a lead Clarinet melody. In the second part, Strings take over. Suitable for all kinds of different projects. The ending is very basic with the return of the piano.
Yann Keerim