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Murder Street

Powerful in your face straight up gangsta street beat with orchestra hits and deep 808 sub banging in the back. Shots fired on this track makes it perfect for gang related film or projects needing a raw angry edge.

Murder One

Starts with a slow requiem, than builds up when the murderer comes closer with a big climax on the end...Beautiful epic harmonies and orchestral parts with powerful dynamic percussion.

PHANTOM (Soundscape Synth Tension)

Atmospheric synths with droning mood. Tensive expectation while exploring an unknown dangerous underworld.


Cinematic, dramatic and climactic hybrid orchestral cue. With pulsating beats, synths and percussion. A sense of tension slowly builds to a huge crescendo.

Blurred Boundaries

Cinematic background track with piano, marimba, epiano, strings and guitar.

Blurred Boundaries (with percussion)

Cinematic background track with piano, marimba, epiano, strings, guitar and percussion.

Time Runs Out

Suspenseful cinematic track with acoustic guitar harmonics, strings, synths and percussion. Perfect as background for movies, games, documentaries and much more.

Deadly Sins

Atmospheric, dark trailer music with piano, strings, super low basses, reversed fx and massive extraordinary sound design. Perfect for horror, crime and thriller trailer, opener, intro and teaser.


Tense, mysterious and haunting orchestral track in a ‘Film Noir’ style. A disturbing, eerie piano is accompanied by melancholic strings and ethereal children’s choir to build increasing tension.

Cavern Of Dissonance

Dark atmospheric percussive sound design with strings and woodwinds. Perfectly fit for thriller and crime scenes or as a intro and opener. Also usable for investigation and horror. Slow build up with tension.

A Strangers Tale

Dramatic bass pulsing with sound design fx, slow build up with tension. Great for intro, opener and trailer in crime, thriller and horror movies.


Dramatic, driving percussion music with electronic drum beat and reversed sound design fx. Great for investigation, thriller and crime scenes.

Mission Fort Knox

Suspenseful track with modern sounds. Useful for a lot of background applications. Crime thriller, action movie and much more.

Don't Wake Up - Horror Mystery Theme

Don’t Wake Up is a foreboding, tense and dramatic cinematic orchestral horror and mystery theme. A ticking clock conveys time passing, which is accompanied by a deep, dark orchestra, haunting choirs and contemporary synths with hybrid percussion.


Ritual is a dramatic, tense and powerful cinematic orchestra track, with deep, driving strings, bold, imposing brass and a sense of impending threat.

Digital World

Modern and futuristic sounding corporate track for many applications like imagevideos, slideshows, explainervideos and many more.

Undercover Mission

Cinematic, pulsating, action synth and orchestra track with deep percussion, huge hybrid beats and an energetic bass. Driven and intense. Great for video games, TV commercials, adverts, promos and online videos that need a modern film score soundtrack.
Yann Keerim
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