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Joyful Ukulele And Handclaps

Summery and happy ukulele pop song with a groovy clap beat and a playful piano. Sounds easy, positive and gentle. Great for product presentations, commercials, advert and vacation.

Put In Work

An upbeat, energetic, and engaging percussive track featuring drums, stomps, and handclaps in a pulsating and intense rhythm. Great background soundtrack for commercial, advertising, sports, fitness workout, strong, action, and adventure videos. Composer: Thiago Pospichil Marques (BMI) CAE/IPI # 67...

Inspirational and Motivational Cinematic Acoustic - A Simple Smile

A Simple Smile is a joyful acoustic track that features soft acoustic guitar with piano and strings in the background. This song is part of my "Inspirational and Cinematic Acoustic" collection that gives you endless possibilities on your current production. The songs in this collection are perfect ...

Energetic Upbeat Inspiring Indie Rock

Bold and feel-good, featuring groovy electric guitar, vocal oohs, and drums that create a proud, powerful mood.

Inspiring & Upbeat Indie Rock

Floating and inspirational, featuring electric guitar, synthesized, piano, glockenspiel, and pounding drums that create a powerful, confident mood.

Upbeat & Inspiring Indie Folk

Bright and bouncy, with kids / children lively elements featuring acoustic guitar, carefree vocal oohs, keyboard, and piano to create a cheerful and cute mood.


Breezy and sunny, with folk-pop elements featuring cute acoustic guitar, vocal oohs, hand claps and piano to create a happy and delightful mood.


Bright and breezy, featuring a glockenspiel, ukulele and an acoustic folk feel that creates an optimistic mood.

Acoustic Inspiring Indie Pop

Positive and uplifting, featuring acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, and handclaps creating a proud, feel-good mood.

Upbeat Inspiring Corporate

Dreamy and floating, featuring warm piano, glockenspiel, and light strings that create an inquisitive mood.

Upbeat Inspiring Indie Pop

Positive and uplifting, featuring electric guitar, vocal oohs, glockenspiel and handclaps creating a proud, feel-good mood.


Upbeat and acoustic track featuring ukulele guitars, nylon guitar strum, handclaps, bells , strings and piano. Great for your media projects.
Yann Keerim
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