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I am a multi-instrument musician who offers custom instrumentals and tracks in a variety of styles. Being a Worship Pastor has taught me to collaborate well while working with a creative team, and to be flexible while working with others. I love composing music and also meeting talented and creative people.

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Uplifting Motivational Piano Build

Positive, Corporate, Motivational, Encouraging, Uplifting, Light. This is an inspiring and uplifting piece that builds with momentum as it increasingly gives a sense of can do, motivation, winning, and positivity to any media.

Swamp Hop

Swampy, southern, bluegrass banjo with a hip hop beat. Acoustic guitar, banjo, beatbox and a synthesizer all come together to take you way down south maybe even to gator or long beard duck territory.

Surf It Up

This is a chill and wavy surf rock track. This will take you back to the 50's and 60's on a sunny chill Southern California afternoon.

Summer Alt Country

Acoustic guitar driven country track with an americana feel. Dobro, resonator adds to the slightly bluesy flavor.

Simple Life

Happy, Determined, Flowing, Good Day, Americana. This is an Acoustic guitar and mandolin driven medium tempo piece that has a back porch or backwoods feel. Outdoors and Natural adventure might fit this song's synergy as well. Acoustic, organic, smooth, heartland, heartland music.

Indie Road

Upbeat, Positive, driving, and clean Indie Rock track that features different layers of guitars that provide a feel good experience. Can be used in a variety of productions that need upbeat and positive rock that won't get in the way of your scene or dialogue.

Indie Geno

Positive, Motivational, Corporate.This is an indie rock/pop guitar driven piece with an upbeat and positive vibe.

Hilltop Drive

Acoustic guitar driven track with a warm and flowing vibe. Inspirational, reflective, positive and encouraging.

Happy Go Dance

Happy, upbeat, inspirational, motivational and feel-good dance influenced background track. Perfect for advertising, business/corporate projects, documentary, commercial or lifestyle videos, presentations and more.

Groovin Americana

Positive, Achievement. This is a grooving swampy feeling track being driven with acoustic guitar. Think Southern outdoors or a scene needing an acoustic Southern feel with groove. Acoustic, organic, outdoors, in the woods., heartland, heartland music

Backside of Somewhere

This is a hick-hop , ganstagrass track featuring banjo and guitar. It is Southern, backwoods and driving. This is a perfect track for anything red-neck or backwoods. Duck Dynasty. Swamp People.

Going Home

Positive, Encouraging, Inspirational. This is an acoustic guitar piece with piano and brush drums that has a folk, country, back porch Americana, and heartland music feel.


This positive, happy, uplifting, warm, inspiring and just a little bit romantic folk/acoustic/pop track with the sound of acoustic guitars and piano.

A Whoa We Go

Folky Pop Whoa is an upbeat, fun and happy Folk/Pop track driven by Acoustic guitar, vocal whoa's, whistling, bells and handclaps.
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