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First Rodeo - Southern Rock inspired by classic Eagles sound. High energy, big harmonies. Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney

Country/Rock song about seeing the end of a relationship, but preparing to move forward and start again. No hard feelings, all is forgiven. Classic sound inspired by The Eagles opens with a capella vocals before kicking into a driving 122 BPM rhythm, with plenty of harmonies.


A folk guitar riff, played with an old dobro and acoustic guitars

Indie Pop Rock

Uplifting and fresh sounding indie pop rock theme. You can hear not only standard guitar-drums-bass set of instruments, but also dobro and bouzouki! Arrangement is spacious enough for voiceover and enough dynamic for action videos. Mood is positive, optimistic and inspiring.

Dobros And Drones

Very cool dobro phrases and licks over a droning background track. Also, some percussion added for impact.

New Town Banjo

A cool down home track featuring acoustic country on top of a modern hip hop beat. Featuring guitar, banjo and dobro

Summer Alt Country

Acoustic guitar driven country track with an americana feel. Dobro, resonator adds to the slightly bluesy flavor.

Hilltop Drive

Acoustic guitar driven track with a warm and flowing vibe. Inspirational, reflective, positive and encouraging.

Country Party

A country groove (loop avaiable) with drum, bass and Banjo. The first part is only rhythmics. The second part is more melodic.

Country On A Roll

Feel good track with country elements. Features pedal steel, bass, drums, guitars, fiddle and Piano. Great for end credits of a film or commercial.

Density Scape

A pensive ambient underscore with spacious dobro guitar accents

Happy Hoedown

Banjo, dobro (slide acoustic guitar), claps - any country, West Texas, Contrabando, border, Southern, barn dance scene. Perfect for use in a film score, demo reel, corporate video, commercial or advertisement.

Slow Dance

Emotional melody played on Acoustic guitar, Dobro (acoustic slide), bass, drums, piano. Real musicians. Medium-slow organic track. Could be used for slow dancing, driving, walking, dining, talking, nature scenes. Perfect soundbed for reality shows, ads, action shows, corporate videos, drama...

Acoustic Slide Memory

Dobro (Acoustic slide guitar), acoustic guitar, bass and percussion - haunting melody with a back-porch country blues feel. Scenes: driving, walking, conversation, dining, southern life, west texas, romance... Perfect soundbed for reality shows, ads, action shows, corporate videos, dramas, ji...

Space Cowboy

Simple, joyful, emotional and motivational: An acoustic instrumental with a beat perfect for reality shows, corporate videos, movies, jingles, video intros, or commercials, and voiceovers. Happy, moving, unique track. Very distinctive combination of classic acoustic guitar and Dobro music wi...


Dobro (Acoustic slide guitar) and guitar with a loping rhythm of bass and percussion. Sounds like a happy horse walking. Relaxed combination of country and blues played by real musicians. Scenes- horseback, walking, driving, Southern scenes, West Texas, conversation, dirt roads, old time, bac...

In The Distance

Ominous grand piano, wistful Dobro (acoustic slide guitar), and a classic synth bed background makes this track complex enough to be interesting but subtle enough to fit under the action. Try it for building tension, suspense, wide open spaces, desert, beach, sky, and highway scenes. Emotionsv i...
Yann Keerim
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