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A Journey

Beautiful rhythmic soundscape, featuring piano, guitar harmonics, clarinet and choir.

Slightly Doomed

An eerie, ambient royalty free cinematic score, with dark strings overlaying a sparse rhythmic backdrop, ideal as an ominous opening theme for horror films, paranormal footage, or games.


Mellow and organic chillout track, with acoustic drums, bass groove and emotive piano, building throughout and climaxing with laid back lead guitar outro.


Chilled out dreamy ambient soundscape, with piano and pulsing bass, interspersed with atmospheric guitar riffs.


Driving toms and orchestral brass, with bass and sparkling guitar. Perfect for visuals demanding an engaging theme with grit and momentum.

Be Bold

Reflective and determined with a mysterious edge. This track features laid back beat, guitar and harmonics.

All Tinkled Out

A hypnotic, ambient royalty free cinematic score, with a flowing piano, chimes and a warm bass riff, great for aerials, underwater scenes, or timelapses.

Sunshine And Colours

Positive, engaging track, with warm bass, atmospheric harmonics and urgent piano riff, weaving an uplifting and comforting mood.

Not A Care In The World

Chilled out tune that evokes sand, gentle waves and a cool breeze. Super positive, feelgood music, perfect for beach scenes, travel shows and upbeat promos.

Friendly Marimba Guitar Ident

Friendly and warm audio logo consisting of marimba, guitar and other rhythmic elements.

Positive Mood

A positive, light, rhythmic and invigorating track. Melodic synthesizer parts, soft bass, well-coordinated drums create a single positive mood and motivation. It will perfectly emphasize videos about travel, corporate videos, videos for TV shows and just cool projects.

Stadium Stomps Intro

Powerful intro energetic intense dynamic stomp. Perfect for trailer, intro, opener, teaser, promo, film, event, slideshow, movie, documentary, sport video. Instruments: stomps, claps, drums.

Perfect Day

Rhythmic indie rock composition. The catchy riff and melodic chorus make this melody unique. Suitable for advertising glamorous fashions, perfumes, clothes, phones, etc. Easily edited for any video segment. There are two versions in the archive: Perfect Day Short Version – 0:34 sec Perfect Day –...

Frantic In The Big City

A fast, rhythmic royalty free ambient track, with acoustic guitars, orchestral strings & brass. Best for city timelapses, corporate, cinematic, or aerial footage.

Urban Vlog Hip Hop

Urban Vlog Hip Hop is a stylish, modern music track with a laidback, smooth vibe. It features mellow guitars, synths, a drifting trap beat and echoey vocal effects. Perfect for vlogs, YouTube videos, travel videos, commercials, advertising, party background, unique branding, rap/trap compilation, lo...

Story Introduction Theme

Exciting friendly musical introduction consisting of piano, marimba and rhythmic elements.

Dreaming Of Africa (Inspirational African Trailer)

A rhythmic and uplifting African inspired piece, full of energy and tradition. Great for films with African content, documentaries, travel vlogs, cultural historical scenes, advertisements and more. Features: Traditional African drums and hand percussion, native vocal FX, kora, ngoni, kalimba, marim...

Indian Language of Rhythm - Loop Version

Motivational track of Indian music with Konnakol elements. Konnakol (also spelt Konokol, Konakkol) is the South Indian or carnatic vocabulary of vocal syllables used to create rhythmic compositions. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, dance projects and any ethnic oriented presentation...

Ambient Stellar Cloud Space

Suddenly a cloud appears in this nebula. We are drawn irremediably. Sounds powerful, rhythmic and dotted with endless loops.

Pulse Heart

A positive, rhythmic, pulsating track. Motivational mood and hope for the future Guitar bust creates movement, soft drums, bass and piano with glockenspiel and airy synthesizers complement the sound picture of the track. Let's create cool projects together!
Yann Keerim
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