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Ruler Of All Things

Dramatic rolling string & orchestra/pop crossover which sounds a little like Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Driving pulsating uplifting modern instrumental soundtrack composition for strings orchestra & percussion. Strings are joined by drums, bells & timpani to create an emotionally compelling tune whi...

I Love You

Emotive piano and strings music. This soft music will be great for cinematic, romantic and loving situations. Great music for ambient music and background music too

Touching Atmosphere

Climatic acoustic music track, very soft and slow. This music will be great for caring, soulful, sensitive situations. Great music for documentaries, landscapes, credits, and any situation where images flows in a tender way

Ballad for Emma

Tearful and tender music, very soft and warm. This piano music will be great for loving and caring situations. Easy listening, slow, quiet, soulful and gentle

Piano in the Clouds

Piano ballad, very emotional and slow. Great music for sensitive and dramatic projects. Peaceful, relaxing music

Warm Piano Moment

Tender, touching piano music track. This music track is soft, slow and warm and will fit well in love stories, sensitive projects and romantic scenes

New Love

Romantic, sensitive, loving piano music track. This music is soft and slow and will fit well for dramatic and touching situations. Warm acoustic piano sound

Your Smile

Sensitive piano ballad, very soft and tender. This music will fit well for ambient music in relaxed, careful and tender situations


Fresh and creative piano music. This music is fast with jazzy piano melodies. The melody was full harmonized giving a contemporary sound. Ambient piano music, very sweet, soft and slow. This piano ballad will fit well for sensitive, dramatic and romantic projects. Touching, tender, loving music

Bounty Hunter

Twangy electric guitar driven soundtrack that combines retro rock, classic surf and spaghetti western music styles together. Evokes a gritty and edgy, intense atmosphere. Builds to a dynamic chorus section. Features human whistling, tremolo baritone guitars, chimes, bass, drums and percussion.

I Miss You

The sad motive � in the performance of the chamber-strings and piano.

Dramatic Intro

A short dramatic logo in the performance of a symphony orchestra and epic horns.

Short logo 6

A short playful sound logo, performed by overdrive guitars.
Yann Keerim
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