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Fight Energetic Breakbeat Loop

A aggressive breakbeat instrumental loop with a lot of bite and influences of modern dubstep. High energy track intended towards action and dynamic sport content.

Happy Loop

A positive, motivational loop track that reminds someone of the good times and positive memories.

Chill Loop

A chilled out looped tack with relaxed rhodes, crispy drums, and bass guitar.

Dubstep Loop

This is a powerful modern loop in the style of dubstep with your typical wobbles and sawtooth.

Groovy Hip Hop Loop

A groovy and chilling hip hop beat with funky drums, smooth bass, and cool keys.

Smoking Downtempo Loop

Breakbeat funk groove, cool and sexy, with hard to ignore bass and electric guitar.

Dance Loop

A fun melodic electro house kind of track made with the dance floor in mind.

Industrial Breakbeat Loop

A hard hitting glitch hop fused breakbeat loop able track with tech drums and analogue synth around that can be looped.

Corporate Sunshine

This loopable song starts with a positive light piano that gradually builds with lush strings and guitar with analogue synth. Great for numerous of projects including corporate projects, presentations, different commercials and even for cinematic.

Club Loop

A fun and hard hitting melodic club electro house loop made with the dance floor in mind.

Racing Drive Breakbeat Loop

An electronic groovy moving breakbeat loop with a lot of bite and rhythm.

Luxury Lounge Loop

A chilled out looped lounge tune with relaxed keys, nice crisp drums and a clean bass.

Hip Hop Loop

A loopable underground hip hop tune with lush piano and crispy drums placed over tasty analogue tape.

Mall Lounge Loop

A relaxing, warm, and smooth lounge track with chilling rhodes and head moving drums.

Technology Loop

A loopable fresh and modern informational type electronic track. The mood / feel is “neutral”, it is not too happy, and not too ambient.

Cool Breakbeat Loop

Funky upbeat breakbeat funk groove, cool and sexy, with hard to ignore bass, rhodes over driving breakbeats.

Vacation Lounge Loop

A chilled out looped tack with relaxed rhodes, crispy upbeat drums, and soothing funky bass guitar.

Return to Witchwood

A grand, cinematic, sweeping Fantasy track blending elements of ambient music, new age, progressive rock and orchestral, movie style music, Emotional / emotive, Amazement / wonderment, Amazing discoveries, grand adventures, Also carries a sense of melancholy / nostalgia, Many different parts through...

The Wizards Hand

One acoustic guitar starts by itself at first and is later joined by another guitar voice with chorus FX. Somewhat gloomy, atmospheric, doom-laden. A dark figure, Mystery / History / Secrets / Fantasy.

Fantasy Exploration #4

A moderately sneaky, somewhat magical feeling, general background track for fantasy, fairy tales and exploration, This track contains no repetition throughout, which means you can play this track in a loop (for example, in a video game or other media) for a long time without it becoming too repetiti...
Yann Keerim