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Epic Emotional (Full Mix)

Optimistic, hopeful film score with floating strings, choir and a cinematic beat. Conveys a feeling of new beginnings.

Epic Emotional (No Drums Version)

adventure, dramatic, affecting, emotion, feeling, affecting, touching, soulful, sentimental, emotional, heroic, mighty, mightful, almighty, triumph, victory, success, powerful, strong, potent, hero, glorying, triumphant, historic, ancient, history, era, age, melodic, melodiously, tunefully, hans zim...

Beauty Of Sunrise

Dreamy, slightly melancholic-emotive ambient electro with smooth pads, airy synth melodies and an easy breakbeat. Great score for drama, suspense and sci-fi.

Beautiful Sky

Synth pop ballad, using anthem synths, melodious pads, voices and its easy, airy character to spirit us away. Great for air sports, vast landscapes, young romance and more!

Feel Always Good (Long Version)

Good mood Pop a fluffy Hip Hop Beat, brass and guitar. Provide a positive and summery mood. A day among friends, with fun and ease. Ideally suited for image movies, summer, sun, lifestyle and advertising!

The Light Shines So Bright

Hypnotic ambient with atmospheric pads and melancholic guitar sounds. Perfect as background music!


Blithe, dreamy film score with a smooth and relaxed e-piano, floating e-piano and a catchy guitar sample. Perfect background music for reflective moments and romantic scenes, nature, calm and relaxation.

Happy Funky House

Catchy and positive housemusic which makes a lot of fun. Funky Daft Punk Guitar meets naughty and modern synthesizers and groovy Beats. Sounds easy, carefree and funky.

Oriental Dream

Dreamy, spherical song to relax and feel good! Ethnic stringed instruments, orchestral drone and a heavenly female vocal spread a carefree, hypnotic and slightly mysterious atmosphere. Perfect for meditation and relaxation, as well as background music for movies.

Dubstep Rabbits

Cool Dubstep with powerful and momorable synths, fat drums and exciting fx sounds. Sounds fresh, young and nasty. Perfect for lifestyle, sport, presentations and technology.
Yann Keerim
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