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Can You Feel It

Groovy song with acoustic guitars and a intense rhythm. Down-home and tight track. Versatile background music for many applications.

Pocket Full Of Stars

Intense indie rock track with electric guitar, deep synth sounds and powerful drums. Uplifting and modern song with a positive and optimistic message.


Positive background track with a tight rhythm, guitar elements, and a friendly mood. Perfect for many background applications like slideshows, music on hold, chilled commercials, corporate and much more.

Smart Business

A clean and fresh background track with electric guitar, electric piano and bells. Perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects.

Indian Summer

Inspired by beautiful pictures of an Indian Summer this recording sketches this miracle with a piano improvisation and a little percussion, acoustic guitar, some strings, xylophone and bass guitar in the middle part.


An acoustic guitar theme guides through a positive and uplifting track. Full arrangement with drums, strings and some piano and synth elements. Perfect for every corporate video or presentation.

Perfect Day

An uplifting song with a positive message. A shuffle rhythm, piano, guitar, glockenspiel and some filling guitar and soft brass lines. This combination brings a natural and familiar sound in every project.

Inspirational Orchestra

Inspirational film music for exciting and dreamful pictures. Light ostinato strings, combined with modern soundscapes for an great touching and emotional journey.

Attic Record

Just imagine an old dusty record. Vinyl scratches and a saturated sound gives this track an authentic vintage effect.

A Successful Day

Optimistic song that gives a lot of positive energy, Ideal for corporate, business projects. A trip to success and happiness… A cool rhythm guitar figure represents directness. Bright and powerful arrangement with a straight drum groove.

Happy Funny Electro Funk

Positive, blithe pop with rythmic guitars, funky vocoder synths and a straight forward beat. Provides an easygoing feeling. Great for presentations, advertising and lifestyle.

Motor And Sports

Straight forward for the floor electro with a hypnotic bassline, electronic voice fx and a powerful beat. Great for extreme sports, racing or advertising.

Back To The Roads

A short theme for motorbike shows, country style actions, beeing on the road, driving with motor cycle, maybe a country style barbecue with truck drivers...


Naughty minimal electro with crazy voice samples, deep basses and a four the floor beat. Perfect for club, lifestyle or fashion.

Bright Future

Hopeful and friendly guitar pop with a warm and positive mood. Perfect for any project that needs an emotional and uplifting touch.
Yann Keerim
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