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Summer Pop

Positive, energetic and uplifting background pop track with modern sound, synths, funky electric guitars and dance beat.

Slap And Funk

Funky and groovy modern fashion music track with slapping bass.

Rolling Wheel

Fast energetic electronic music. Nice for sports, funny, corporate projects.


Hardstyle techno electronic music. Ideally for your project!

Modern Funky 2

Cool optimistic modern music. Perfect choise for you commercial or private projects!

Funky Sax

Funky pop music background track with slap bass, mute guitars, funk drums, brass and funk sax. Perfect for many projects and videos.

Fun Funky Groove

Funny upbeat positive corporate track. Used guitars, brass, clavi, jazz organ, bass, drums and vinyl scratches. Gives good, positive and optimistic mood for your YouTube video, bussinnes promo, corporate project, Tv programms, background music, childrens or family videos.

Festive Life

This energetic, modern, dance and positive instrumental music track in pop and funk style will give festive, funny and good mood for your videos and projects!

Fashion Funk

Cool energetic track in electro funk style. Best for your project!

Drunken Reggae

The measured slow urban reggae music track. Royalty Free music track for film and video productions, web media, podcasts, broadcasts, TV and radio programs, YouTube and Internet Videos, corporate videos, web applications, tutorials, video trailers, presentations, training videos, multimedia project...

Child Draws

Nice positive children music. Ideally for your project!

Arcade Funk

Fast energetic rock electronic music. Nice for sports, funny, corporate projects

The Magic Frog

Funk- Rock tune about a frog in the woods. Featuring a drum solo and a punk rock guitar bridge. Melodic chorus.

479 Rocking Samba

This track plays in harmony brazilian traditional music and distorted electric guitars, with electronic beats, getting an upbeat and live track full of energy, dark and dynamic, perfect for scenes in clubs and rave parties, as well as adverts requiring strong percussion rhythmic patterns.
Yann Keerim
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