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Without you

Reflective, longing, melodic, soulful, beautiful, slow bluesy electric guitar solo


High Quality Production Music Suitable for TV, advertising


Description :A happy ,childish goofy track featuring a weird percussive loop acoustic guitar dog barks bass marimba. Perfect for children and their pets Key Words:bold strong noble courageous driving running


Description : A upbeat quirky light track very exploring . Imagine two young lovely ladies enjoying shopping somewhere in Europe , perhaps France. Key Words: adventure marching childish foolish ,funny

Flight of the Bumblebee

Remake of classical music , rewritten orchestration , stylish For Film and TV Strings , flutes , horns 1m14sec

Man turns animals

Remake of Zarathustra . Heavy metal style . Energetic For Life and Reality TV Orchestral score ,distorted guitars ,drums 0min27sec

I Pheel Phine

Guitar Production Music Suitable for Video - Advertising Heavy Rock - Metal - Hard

Go Ahead 15

Very Fast, Uplifting, Optimistic and Motivated track with driven guitars, brasses and strings. Intense and energetic. Great for business, corporate and positive Informercials.

I Feel Love

An energetic house dance song, with a gospel flavor, with catchy vocals and Elgar violins hook.Production Music High Quality

1 Arrival

Full orchestra, grand, moving and exciting Production Music

N Swing

Screaming Big band horns breakdown bass section Production Music

6 Elf Land

Light and mysterious orchestral cue sweeping and moving. Production Music

CLT Logo Theme

100 Tracks Collection by Yann Keerim. Buy and Dowload instantly royalty free music for your productions.

Bright and Cheerful Advert

Happy and Upbeat music track featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, claps, glockenspiel, percussion, bass and drums. Fresh and joyful modern composition perfect for TV commercials, YouTube videos, Corporate and business projects, promos and other uses. It's catchy melody will surely attract customers t...

Global Village

This track is a musical journey around the world. As the music builds up with a sweet ethnic flavor, you will recognize musical instruments from every continent, united by a powerful harmony. This cinematic track is full of optimism and positive feelings, as it inspires to embrace different cultures...

My brand new car

Sentimental, melodious Pop Rock with guitar, e-piano, organ, bass and a relaxed beat. Conveys a warm, harmonious atmosphere, perfect as a talkover for youth, outdoor and nature.
Yann Keerim
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