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A Silly Christmas

Christmas Tracks Holiday, Production Music Suitable for commercials and jingles

Bass potion

Club traks with very loud drum kit, loudness and hardness sound for impact effects.House disco energy,dance loud bass modern.

mafia waltz

A driving waltz with a dark Italian undertone; featuring accordion, mandolin, strings, drums, bassoon and bass.Italy, Italian, Sicilia, Cosa Nostra, Mafia, organized crime, Godfather, Nino Rota, Don, Violin, Fiddle, Accordion, Mandolin, Francis Ford Coppola, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino.

Inspiring Innovation

An inspiring and innovative track which opens up with marimbas and is later joined by strings. It has a bit of a Thomas Newman vibe to it (think American Beauty), and would be well suited for any cinematic film productions, intros, end credits, corporate projects, youtube videos and montages, televi...

Mister Capone

Track 5 Mister Capone Swing style spin off from mafia type Hollywood Movies For Film and TV Big Band , solo piano , flutes , big drums , trumpets 1m48sec

Lendors Return

Full orchestra, big and epic, adventure and fantasy Production Music

Catchy Fun Commercial

Happy, upbeat and bouncy music track featuring glockenspiel, piano, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Positive, playful and catchy composition that will attract customers with it's simple melody and motivating harmonies and will suit as a perfect background music for a variety of projects including c...

Opening up

Uplifting, spirited and stirring semi-orchestral piece with a sense of achievement, success, reaching new heights, overcoming setbacks, struggle for greatness. Olympic / Victorious / Aspirations. Available with or without additional rock elements towards the end

Morning Sunshine

Motivational Composition with a positive feel. Describes the Happy feelings that come when waking up on a sunny morning. Best for joyful and successful projects.

new century

A cinematic dramatic piece. Very determined and action like. Fast strings with energetic drums. Great for action scenes and dratmatic corporative movies. Strings, brass, drums corporate, hi-tech, advanture, motivational, energetic, dynamic, action, orchestral, epic, Hollywood,film,tv,computer game,...

Last Man Standing

Dramatic spaghetti-western stand off with choir, guitar, harmonica, percussion and flute. Wild West, guns, colt, Indians, native American, the good the bad and the ugly, spaghetti western, Ennio Morricone, Clint Eastwood, sheriff, gunslinger, duel, prairie, bonanza, horse. Saddleback,

Minotaur and Ariadne

High Quality Scores Suitable for Commercials, Documentary Production Music

Could by chance

Lounge energetic ambient track, ideal for technical and scientific presentations for newage, yoga, documentary, relaxation.

Colourful day

Lounge track with vocal, this song is an ibrid with real instrument and electronic chill out setup.indicate for newage, yoga, documentary, relaxation.

City Life Superphychics R

New jazz Experimental - Dark beat Atmos Suitable for documentaries - films

Get Down

Rockabilly rock and roll style electric guitar.Suitable for Documentaries - TV - FilmHi quality

greater life

Greater Life: Positive, romantic pop track featuring a playful piano, strings, gentle pads, a groovy synth bass as well as a funky guitar in the quiter verses.

Hopes and Dreams

This is a hopeful and motivating corporate music track. Rhodes piano and grand piano sound accompanied by staccato orchestral strings. Great soundtrack for commercials, broadcast production, and corporate projects/websites.


This track is a very moving pop/rock composition, with spiccato strings playing the melody and acoustic guitar rhythmic accompaniment, it's the track you will want to have for your fabulous websites and videos.

Cinematic Soundtrack

This is a mellow cinematic track with layered guitar parts accompanied by live Cello sound. Will fit best as a soundtrack for films and videos.
Yann Keerim
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