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The Sorcerer

Composer: Craig McConnell
Dynamic,intense, climactic, thrilling, epic orchestral track with tempo variations

High Adventure

Composer: Craig McConnell
Dramatic, heroic, epic, orchestral instrumental track

Heat of Nature part one

Composer: Craig McConnell
Edgy, grand, uncertain, risky instrumental track featuring the electric guitar and heavy percussion

Lift off

Composer: Craig McConnell
Positive, energetic, hopeful, bright electronic instrumental track

Beyond the Stars

Composer: Craig McConnell
Progressive rock ballad containing multiple moods starting with dreamy orchestral arrangement and vocals, building to a climax and epic electric guitar solo, Male Vocal, Rock Music, Progressive Rock

Snows of Stillness

Composer: Craig McConnell
Relaxing, flowing, meditative, gentle, romantic smooth jazz track with piano and sax

Andean Mist

Composer: Craig McConnell
Slow evocaive New Age atmospheric music that transports the listener to the heart of the mist covered Andes and ancient Aztec civilisations of South America, featuring pan flute, rain stick in a contempory musical setting. Ideal for travel, cultural, historic docuemntaries and film/TV.

Justice and Punishment

Composer: Craig McConnell
Dramatic, heroic, epic, triumphant orchestral instrumental track with stirring bridge featuring the piccolo flute and pizzicato violins building up to a courageous and abrupt conclusion. Suited for war, adventure and investigative movies/documentaries and series.

Le Chant Des Sirenes 2

Composer: Craig McConnell
Beautiful, serene, light, graceful, elegant, inspirational track based on Greek mythology with lead vocal by mezzo soprano Claire Million with lyrics greek.

The conclusion

Composer: Craig McConnell
Positive, purposeful, driven, energetic, optimistic instrumental track conveying a sense of movement and triumph

Close Call

Composer: Craig McConnell
Tense, dark, sinister, suspenseful, disturbing and dramatic cue with piano industrial sounding rhythm and an unusual bridge.

Perpetual Motion

Composer: Craig McConnell
Slow ethnic electronic New Age rhythmic track with a slight sense of forebodîng featuring orchestra string section and choirs. Ideal for travel, cultural, historic, extreme sports documentaries and film/TV.


Composer: Craig McConnell
Epic, suspensful, dramatic, climactic, dynamic, terrifying orchestral cue

High up

Composer: Craig McConnell
Epic, high energy and fast orchestral track with contemporary rhythm featuring horns and trumpets conveying a strong sense of positive purpose and momentum, building towards a forceful conclusion. Suited for action adventure movies, documentaries and fast sports

Thors Twins

Composer: Craig McConnell
Atmospheric New Age instrumental track conveying a sense of the vast expanse of the deep ocean and the creatures of the deep. Ideal for travel, cultural, natural world and science programs.

Without you

Composer: Craig McConnell
Reflective, longing, melodic, soulful, beautiful, slow bluesy electric guitar solo

Fast track

Composer: Craig McConnell
Purposeful, driving, high energy, optimistic, focused and fast instrumental music convezing a sense of achievement and movement,

Vivaldi Winter Revisited

Composer: Craig McConnell
A modern take of Winter from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Positive, energizing, optimistic, joyful, driving instrumental with electric guitar.

Escape Velocity 2

Composer: Craig McConnell
High energy instrumental rock track featuring extreme electric guitar solos and with a unconventional time signature in the bridge.All guitar solos performed by Craig McConnell (no samples).

Summer Wind

Composer: Craig McConnell
Light, optimistic, purposeful, bold instrumental track

Celestial Spheres

Composer: Craig McConnell
Mysterious syntheziser and sampler based instrumental track suggesting the vast orbital paths and perpetual journey of planets through the solar system, containing cathedral organ, choirs and female vocal. Suited for science documentaries and science fiction movies/documentaries.
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