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Hamburg Nightlife

Cool smooth jazz track with highlighted themes by piano and sax and an easygiong but driving beat. Groovy and relaxed.

On the Indie Way

Lyrical-motivating, youthful indie pop rock featuring guitar, organ, bass and an impulsive beat.Slightly melancholic yet positive. Perfect for commercials, lifestyle, film score, road movies!

Mediterranean Flair

Mediterranean flair with a virtuosic accordion, strings and a finger-picked guitar. Radiates a pleasant, funny and harmonious atmosphere.

Silent night dixieland

A refreshing new take on a seasonal favorite .Cool jazzy Christmas classic Instrumental in the style of Dixieland music traditions.

Little Italy

A fun and jolly waltz on accordion and upright bass in Italian / Sicilian style. A feeling of Italy, Sicily, France, Paris, Europe, perhaps Germany etc.

My Inspiration

Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track featuring piano and strings. Hope, aspirations, visions. Reminiscent of the work of Vangelis.

Al Andalus

Arabesque flavored piece with violin, lute and guitars dancing in the Alhambra.


Delicate, nostalgic piano ballad with romantic and etheral synth strings.


Slow southern boogie with a bluesy and poppy feel, a la bama.


Indie rock, light hearted feel with a more uplifting chorus. Melody on bells, featuring organ, electric piano, clean electric guitar and 60's drums.

Prancing in the Snow

A magical dance melody with a flavor of elegance and beauty. Very light, bouncy and tender. Pride and Prejudice type music. Or, imagine horses prancing in the snow, pulling a sled of excited children on a Winter sleigh ride. Great original track for the Christmas holiday, or just Winter activities. ...

Beyond Limits

Uplifting and Inspirational Pop track great for commercials, TV themes, Films, Trailers and more. Inspiring piano chords accompanied by synthesizer, upbeat drums and tribal percussion makes the sound design of this track unique and captivating.

Epic Action Drama

Dramatic and intense Action trailer track with high impact cinematic percussion, epic orchestral strings and brass sections. Great for openers, trailers, action, drama, adventure and thriller genre films.

Uplifting Skies

Motivational and Uplifting pop rock track with mallets, orchestral strings, upbeat drums and solid bass. Positive, Emotional and inspiring composition great for commercials, TV, promos, presentations, corporate and business videos. Motivating music that will bring you and your project luck and succe...

bandits passion

A very melodic tango with Spanish-Italian like influence. Featuring many acoustic instruments. Can be used in comedies and ironic scenes.

Crash into Fire

Crash into fire: Energetic and invigorating rock intro with distorted guitars, impelling drums, bass and lead guitar. Eminently suitable as a trailer for extreme sports.

40 comic tango

Production Music suitable for documentaries, games, ads, web. Covering all music styles, Nikos Platyrachos has been producing music for films and commercials.

2 growing up

Production Music suitable for documentaries, games, ads, web. Covering all music styles, Nikos Platyrachos has been producing music for films and commercials.
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