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Heavy Bass Tech No Drums

Electronic track, with deep and heavy bass and kick, various synths and arpeggiators,a bit of retro flavour, but fresh and modern, with a soft clean telecaster electric guitar added in some sections. Works great for business, corporate, presentations, hi-tech and underscore. Various edits and loops ...

Sunset On The Lake

A melancholic composition, with piano, baritone ukulele, accordion, vocals and orchestra. It's very acoustic and melodic and yet highly atmospheric and descriptive - ideal as soundtrack for any mellow, nostalgic or romantic video production.

211 My Fun Corporate AC2

A fantastic corporate track with a childlike mood, playing glockenspiel, guitars, bass, rums and ukelele. A great track for corporate, emotional videos, movies and kids applications.

210 Good Feeling AC2

A beautiful, warm, fresh and relaxed track featuring celesta, glockenspiel, marimba, ukulele, strings, electronics and drums. A nice track for relaxing and warm corporate videos, advertising, movies and video-games.

209 Summer Corporate AC2

A very uplifting, upbeat and positive track, featuring electric guitar, electronics, drums, celesta, glockenspiel. A great asset for all your corporate videos and advertising.

208 So Happy Again AC2

A very happy, optimistic festive and innocent tune featuring acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, electri piano, tambourine and claps, as well as celesta, glockenspiel. Starting with a very nice muted riff, goes to a very energetic development.

From a Latin Heart

A very happy, playful and dynamic track, playing latinamerican rhythms with a very uplifting arrangement. A fantastic asset for any advertising, documentary, kids and film production.

Enjoy Life

A very fun and uplifting track, with some orchestral sounds and a very energetic and positive childlike mood. A great asset for advertising, promos, movies, etc.

201 Your Conception AC2 May 22

A beautiful and very active track, featuring orchestra, creates the whole mood of a day from the increasing activity to the sleepy moment.

Intense Evolution AC2

A very energetic track featuring electronics and acoustic with some orchestral sound. A great track for advertising and TV Shows.

Ballerina Waltz

A very nostalgic and sweet track, mixing electronic and orchestral elements, getting a beautiful tune, perfect for animations, emotive videos, advertising, film, and life perfonce.

This Colorful Spring AC2 Full Ap 25

A very friendly, relaxing, inspiring and unique piece, featuring acoustic guitars, drums, bass, violin, viola, and voices. A reat asset for any inspiring video, film, etc.

Breath A New Air AC2 no Vx

A rock track, emotive, original, full of energy, with some pensive mood. A great asset for advertising, movies and video.

Breath A New Air AC2 april 24

A rock track, emotive, original, full of energy, with some pensive mood. A great asset for advertising, movies and video.

Happy Island AC2 March 7 1

A very uplifting and festive track, with certain calypso flavor. Featuring Ukulele, acoustic guitar, acoustic percussion, strings, celesta, marimba and glockenspiel. A fantastic asset for documentary, kid's production, travel TV Shows, videos and advertising.

Create AC2 April 12 Full

This one is a very energetic, positive, creative, and exciting track, mixing acoustic and electronics, from an intimate joyful mood to a more universal and big arrangement.

Set Your Soul Free AC2 April 8

A really emotive and inspirational orchestral track, featuring some electronics and electric guitar. A great asset for any motivational and inspirational application.

Good Life AC2 Ap 7

A sweet, inspiring relaxing and different track, featuring latin percussion, strings, piano, celesta, Double bass and glock

Sunny Day AC2 APril 2

a fresh, original and cool jazzy track, featuring strings, guitars, drums, vibraphone, ukulele and acoustic guitar.

Adrenaline AC2 March 4 1

A very exciting, energetic and strong rock track, featuring horns, trumpets and strings, getting a very upbeat and uplifting mood. A great asset for TV, Film, Sport shows, trailers.

Technology AC2 Ok

A modern, fresh and upbeat electronic track combining organic sounds, acoustic guitar, percussion, balalaika. A perfect asset for any technology related production.
Yann Keerim