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My Baby (Vox)

Slow Blues song with male vocals and grand piano. Reflective, tearful atmosphere.

Lovers Embrace

Short emotional orchestral track - great for stinger/scene change/ logo etc.

Love On A Grand Scale

Grand, graceful classical piece with elegant & sophisticated feel.

Look Into My Eyes

Sentimental ballad with piano, orchestra and drums. Great for emotional, romance scene.

Living On Hope

Inspiring, dreamy piece with piano and strings. Very emotional and loving!

Kissing In The Moonlight (Vox)

Uplifting, quirky Pop song with male vocals and full band. Comical, catchy lyrics.

Just For The Love Of It

Emotional piece performed on piano and harmonica, will a reflective & warm atmosphere.

Jump For Joy

Happy go lucky Pop track with quirky, catchy synths and driving beat.

Jump For Joy (inst)

Happy go lucky pop track with solid groove and catchy synths.

Journey Through Time

Lush, flowing orchestral piece with classy string arrangements. Thoughtful, dramatic atmosphere with a feeling of hope.

Hoping For The Best

Uplifting Pop track with solid driving beat, guitar, horns and synths. Great happy-go-lucky party feel. So, get up and dance!!

Iron Step - Loop

Dark, aggressive and very powerful loop in the style of dubstep. I hope you like it.

Heart Strings

Short emotional orchestral piece - great for scene ending or logo.

Good Old Fashioned Blues

Classy, laid-back blues track with piano and full band backing. Elegant, sophisticated lounge feel.

Get Your Boogie Down

Funky, upbeat Pop track with solid groove, edgy guitar, piano, horns and synths. Catchy, hooky tune that will get ya feet tapping!

For A Good Laugh

Quirky little jazzy track with happy-go-lucky full band orchestration. Great for comedy, commercial, and old-time jazz lounge scenes.

Feeling So Stylish Tonight

Uplifting, quirky Pop track with full band arrangement. A real feel-good, foot-tapping piece.

Eat Myself Some Worms (Vox)

Slow Blues song with male vocals and full band. Classy, sentimental feel.

Each New Day

Happy-go-lucky orchestral piece with elegant, majestic feel.
Yann Keerim
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