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Inspired By The Dream

Cinematic, Disney-style piece with intricate arrangement. Begins softly, then gradually builds into an inspiring festive finale!

In Search Of Meaning

Dreamy, melancholic piece with acoustic guitar, delicate piano and light backing...

I Will Find My Way

Delicate, sentimental piece with beautiful piano melody and lush strings.

Hurry Up

Short, fast pace electronic track with solid groove and catchy synths. Great for advertising logo or presentation.

How Sweet It Is

Magical Disney-style orchestral piece with innocent childish quality.

Hot On The Dance Floor

Modern Pop Dance track with solid groove and catchy synths. Sure to get ya moving!!

Hip Funk Club

Short, cool Funky track with solid groove and catchy guitar. Great for presentation logo and advertising.

Hardcore Power House

Energetic, Electro Pop track with solid action-packed groove and catchy edgy synths.

Happy Child

Happy-go-lucky children's piece with comical, quirky instrumentation.

Happy As A Cat

Carefree light-hearted track with simple, child-like atmosphere. Chucking guitar, percussion, marimba and flute.

Good Old Mississippi

Upbeat and lively Dixieland piece with traditional brass band instrumentation. Great for travel show.

Going Sonic Crazy

Trippy Dance Pop track with solid groove and catchy, quirky synths.

Gentle As A Baby

Pure and sweet children's piece performed on music box.

Flowing Sentiments

Emotional orchestral piece with strings, oboe and sparse acoustic guitar.

Fine Day For All

Quirky orchestral piece with pizzicato strings. Great for light-hearted, comedic scene, and children's use!

Fighting For Life

Dramatic, epic cinematic track with orchestra and driving percussion

Exotic Adventure

Catchy World Music track with cool groove, pipes and strings.

Entertaining Forever

Classy, quirky arrangement of the popular track "The Entertainer". Fun, happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Encouraging News

Energetic, motivating track with catchy melody and driving groove.
Yann Keerim
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