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Emotional Choral Orchestral Film Score (Dramatic Movie Soundtrack)

An emotional cinematic music for dramatic movie scenes or film trailers. Powerful, heavy, intense, uplifting, escalating and soulful.

Madcap - Comedy Action Chase

A fast, frantic and energetic ‘tongue-in-cheek’ orchestral chase cue. With lively strings, quick, fiery brass and bold percussion, it is great for projects that need a dramatic soundtrack without being too serious. Written in the style of Danny Elfman and hollywood comedy film music.

Last Fight

Exciting, martial orchestral film score full of action featuring dramatic, impulsive brass as well as mighty percussions with some ethnic touch.

New Day

Inspirational and dreamy trance with pulsating synths, a soft piano and anthem soundscapes. Sounds uplifting, positive and hopeful. Great for sport, youth and lifestyle.

Eastern Story

Emotional intro with ethnic voices, dramatic strings and a modern beat. Ideal for documentaries.

Nasty Urban

Energetic big beat with urban influences. Big agressive synths and brass sounds with an nasty pitched rap. Great for sports, lifestyle and fashion.

Anatomy of the Planet

Threatening, impulsive film score with a dark atmosphere, powerful guitar riffs, brass, atmospheric effects and drums. Perfect for suspense.

To The End

Huge, powerful movie score with choir, strings and strong drum strokes. Heroic, theatralic mood. Epic, fantasy, video games.


Big, lyrical-powerful pop rock featuring a catchy melody, groovy-impulsive guitars, epic-romantic strings and choir as well as a passionate beat. Perfect for commercials, film score and corporate video!

Flying Over Clouds

Drifty, positive pop rock with electric guitars, keyboard, base, female singing and drum set. Singing sounds dreamy and beautiful. Cool fake ending in the middle part.


Experimental minimal electro with an interesting mixture of percussions, keyboard and sound effects. Sounds modern, innovative and unique!

Cataclysm - Dramatic Action

A dramatic, action packed cinematic hollywood orchestra cue with pounding percussion, soaring brass and energetic spiccato strings. Great for trailers, games and projects that need a dynamic, urgent, professional, movie style soundtrack.

311 Soothing Baby

A soft, calm, and sweet track, relaxing and lovely for intimate and fresh audiovisuals as well as baby soothing.

312 Baby Jazz

A sweet, soft, calm and sophisticated track for babies, with some jazzy taste.

308 Survivor

A very inspiring and encouraging track featuring electronic and orchestral sounds.

310 A Special Lullaby AC2

A soft, calm, and sweet track, relaxing and lovely for intimate and fresh audiovisuals as well as baby soothing.

Cinematic Emotional Choral Film Score (Dramatic Sad Piano Strings Music Box)

An emotional film score with solo cello, piano, choir and clarinet. Dramatic, sad, sentimental and dark. Ideal for cinematic movies, films, documentaries or video games.
Yann Keerim
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