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Time For Thinking

The tense music that is suitable for thinking, answers, Tv shows, news. Can be looped!

Time For Action

Inspiring cinematic dramatic music with horns, drums, toms, strings. Can be used in movies, games and other your private or commercial projects.

This Funny Life

Positive happy instrumental music. Used piano, drums, modern sounds, plucks, bass and others. Will add in your project optimistical mood and the cheerful atmosphere of a holiday.

Thinking Positive

Positive corporate music with claps, ukulele, piano, bells, bass and whistling. Gives happy and optimistic mood for your corporate, business, advertising and private projects or videos

The Graduate

Cheerful music with piano solo, flageolets of a guitar and a modern rhythm. Will be ideally suited for your creativity.

The Corrupt Cops

Intense cinematic music with a symphonic sound. Perfect for your projects!

Teen Indie

Modern pop driven alternative indie-rock music track.

Tech Logo 4

Hi-tech logo for presentation or advertising. Will be ideally suited for your creativity

Swing Magic Night

Soft mellow corporate elegant background christmas music in jazz shuffle style.

Sunset 2

Beautiful cinematic background music with piano, guitar, pads. Dramatic minimal First Part and relaxed sensual chilled Second part of track. Good choice for melancholic, cinematic, nature or another your videos and projects.

Summer Pop 2

Summer modern instrumental pop music track. Perfect for radio, TV, advertising, summer videos and another projects.

Summer Pop

Positive, energetic and uplifting background pop track with modern sound, synths, funky electric guitars and dance beat.

Summer Mix 2

Summer positive funny track. Perfect for your travel, family, summer slideshow or videos!
Yann Keerim
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