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Live News Events

Atmospheric music for news programs or any other TV, broadcast or internet media projects. Colorful strong and bright track keeps the tension and attention through all composition. If you need music which keeps the tension and attention from beginning till the end this track for you.

Powerful Modern Logo

Powerful Modern Logo in with big sound of modern dance energy will give you strong unforgettable and memorable background for your project.

Shocking News Sensations

Dramatic and mystical track that keep your attention from the beginning till the end. Track will be perfect for TV news, broadcast, internet media etc.

Jazz Presentation

Beautiful compact and light jazz presentation with acoustic live instruments piano, saxophone, guitar and upright bass will present you traditional jazz vibe like in old good times.

Breaking News Sensations Intro

Powerful Bright and dramatic Logo will leave you with big impact from emotional energy pressure and excitement.

Call to Adventure

A lively, exuberant and exciting, "big sky" cinematic theme, featuring a full orchestra sound. Reminescent of the theme music from classic Hollywood blockbusters. Lavish and enthusiastic. Amazement and fun. Triumphant.

Code Red

A dark and powerful Action / Suspense / Thriller soundtrack that changes between "suspicion" and "battle" sequences. Alternating between suspense / pensive tones and all-out action music with powerful, urgent percussion and orchestra. Can be edited to fit the timing of your production. Use for spy t...

Never Die

A dark and powerful Action / Suspense / Thriller soundtrack featuring a full orchestra sound combined with edgy synth textures. The track weaves in and out of danger/tension parts and all-out desperate fight/chase parts. A very edgy track, with a dark side. Epic and massive. Electronic percussion jo...


An edgy and in-your-face Electronic meets Action Soundtrack, with heavy Dubstep influences. Gritty and nasty, this track would be suitable for an edgy Secret Agent / Undercover Mission type project, or a very hard edged, masculine TV / commercial or Sports / Extreme Sports presentation.


A dark and powerful film / cinematic soundtrack that incorporates edgy, electronic, dubstep influences. Emotive, grand and lush, with a cold, dark undertone. Perhaps a dark hero. Use with action adventure, thriller, crime mystery, science fiction, armed conflict / military, and more.
Yann Keerim
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