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Heavy Labour

Suspenseful and cool electric guitars with typical 80s retro bass.

Sandstorm-Middle Eastern Cinematic Metal

A cinematic metal track with a Middle Eastern flavour. After an ominous, trailer like intro the track builds into a string and percussion driven theme. Instruments used: acoustic guitars, distorted electric guitar, Turkish violin, baglama, naval, Persian ney, Turkish ney, vocal samples. This track ...

Beer Break in the Garage (Bluesy Hard Rock)

Tough hard rock blues, featuring distorted guitar licks, bass, and hard-hitting drums. Perfect for anything relating to bars, beer, masculinity, the south, driving/trucks etc.

Punk not dead

Explosive punk rock track! Dirty, aggressive and energetic punk rock track

Old School Rock Ident

Energetic and groovy Hard-Rock intro track featuring electric and distorted guitars, overdriven bass and punchy drums. Useful for starting your podcast with a fist of old school good rock

Swamp Rock

Southern slow swamp-rock track with dirty guitars and rough drums.

Big Four

Thrash metal track with bright distorted guitars, bass, drums and high energy. This track sounds like old Metallica and Slayer. Perfect for dynemic sports project, combats, race projects etc.


Energetic, Raw, Chaotic, Instrumental Heavy Distorted Guitars with Punchy Drums.

Scroll or Die

It is a distorted bass riff with drums. Rock energetic and powerful.

Powerful Uplifting

Powerful, energetic, motivational track with staccato string, piano, rhythm section in rock style, distorted guitars, and additional electronic sounds. This is a good choice for corporate, advertising, blogs, vlogs, inspiration, web, slideshow, documentary, TV and many other your projects.

Sport fury

SPORT FURY - it's a modern and powerful dubstep track, with huge and extreme bass sound and have technology tune. This track is filled with a lot of bright and pleasant sounds. It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that this track is well for cut! At the base of this track lies harmon...

Action Metal

A dynamic and aggressive heavy metal royalty free track featuring distorted guitar riffs, fat bass, punchy drums and raw sound. Good for extreme sport/workout videos, trailers or intros.

Crawling Through Inferno

This is an agressive and bold heavy metal track with an in-your-face sound, crushing drums, gritty guitar riffs and diabolical synths and FXs. Good for videogames, trailers, extreme sport and action videos.

Modern Metal

This is a a modern heavy metal track with distorted guitars, metal drums and fat bass. Best for sport and workout videos, trailers, intros.

Structure of Chaos

This is an experimental track featuring distorted cello, strings, powerful rock drums, electronic bass, percussive effects and overdriven lead guitar. Perfect for dramatic scenes, timelapses, intros, trailers or nature footages.

Groovy Modern Metal

A powerful and groovy modern metal track with stylish glitchy synth arps, fat distorted guitars, punchy drums and bass. Perfect for action, sport and extreme videos, trailers and intros.
Yann Keerim
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