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Gentle Guitar Motivational Corporate

A modern and clean instrumental background track perfect for any inspirational, motivational, energising or uplifting projects. Including corporate presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, business videos, science and technology projects, lifestyle and travel, medical...

Corporate Mission

Simple corporate track with acoustic guitar, drums, bass, mallets, bells and piano. Perfect for business and corporate tracks, image trailers, sports, advertising, YouTube, Vimeo, videos, games and more.


Atmospheric and positive theme with modern lounge feel. Well suited for broadcast TV wheather forecast, high tech news, business presentations and commercials. Here you can hear electronic accurate drums, cinematic piano and lyric strings. Loopable!


Postive and energizing theme, with piano and strings melodies with sinth, drums, bass and guitars background, suitable for comercial proyects, corporative videos or personal footage. Full song at first, comes with two loopable parts at the end of the preview

Progressive House - Flexible Geometry

Non-distracting crisp Minimalist Tech track. Corporate and serious. Easily loopable.

Progressive House - On My Way

Very long trippy track. Easily loopable. Many more EDM and Progressive House tracks on profile!

New Yew

Long lounge-trippy backing track. The whole feel changes from the middle onwards. Easily loopable if for some odd reason you need more than seven minutes!

Horseride (House Underscore)

Useful non-distracting backing track. Easily loopable and perfect for screens, podcasts, presentations and documentaries. The steel drum synth sound leans towards Summer moods.

Smiling [Upbeat Folk Happy Acoustic Cheerful Gentle Joy]

Happy and uplifting indie folk track featuring drums, percussion, bells, bass, acoustic guitar, piano and strings. This upbeat, fun and positive track is ready for: Youtube videos, advertising, vlogs, children, home videos, cooking and food videos, background music, radio, tv spot, commercials, b...

No Rules [Indie Rock Energetic Driving Stomp Clap Guitar Hook]

Energetic upbeat indie rock track, full of good vibes and attitude. Featuring punchy drums, claps & stomps, piano, catchy & driving lead and rhythm electric guitar and powerful vocal hey’s . This track is easily loopable with simple editing to fit any length required for the project.

Inspiring Love And Care [Acoustic Folk Peaceful Emotional Inspirational]

This royalty free music track makes whirlwinds of soothing emotions from the very start! It's a soft, inspiring, calm and emotional track featuring warm sounds of acoustic guitar, sweet piano melodies, soft percussion, claps and gentle strings. It is loopable and it has a musical/stinger ending to f...
Yann Keerim
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