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Chuckles And Giggles

Quirky, funny piece with piano, drums, horns and flute. Great for carefree, happy background music.

Childish Antics

Quirky, comical piece with childish, carefree feel. Bells and bass! Great for light-hearted humorous scene!

Chaotic Drummer

Solo drums track - energetic, erratic, powerful and groovy!

Celtic Emotions

Emotional piece with Celtic instrumentation. Peaceful, delicate and atmospheric.

Carefree Attitude

Dreamy, atmospheric Alternative Rock track with cool electric guitar riffs and solid drum groove. Great modern, uplifting feel with a sense of melancholy - great for inspirational background music.

Bunch Of Nonsense

Comical, light-hearted track with silly, slap-stick arrangements. Great for childish, humorous scene.

Both Of Us

Uplifting, happy piece with acoustic guitar and bells. Great for simple, melodic, joyful background music!

Big Motivation

Energetic, powerful Rock track with edgy electric guitars, solid drum beat and catchy synths in the chorus section. Uplifting, happy feel with a sense of achievement through determination.

Baby Steps

Quirky, happy piece with childish and comical feel. Great for light-hearted, carefree scene. Piano, hand claps and bass guitar. Catchy and uplifting!

An Ideal World

Light, sentimental piece with gentle acoustic guitar melody, soft synths and delicate percussion. Dreamy Latin atmosphere with a sense of romance and sensuality. Great for peaceful background music!

Achieving Glory

Triumphant, uplifting piece with powerful Hip Hop beat, dark strings and choir. This track creates a feeling of success, glory, determination, celebration & achievement.

A Perfect Solution

Ambient electronic track with cool guitar riffs, spacey synth pads and light percussion. Relaxing, melancholic, futuristic and atmospheric feel.

Follow Your Dreams (3 Versions)

An inspiring, motivational and heartwarming piece of music, based on a beautiful piano tune, accompanied by warm pads, guitars, ?and drums. The overall uplifting mood makes this track a great choice for a wide range of typical corporate media projects, including corporate promotional videos, traini...

Spirit of Christmas (5 Versions)

Magical and exciting orchestral music featuring bells, glockenspiel, strings, woodwinds, horns, harp, percussion and big drums that brings the spirit of Christmas. This track is powerful, emotive and motivating - great for trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos,...

Your Business Success (5 Versions)

Positive & inspiring upbeat track with a strong uplifting feeling, featuring electric and acoustic guitars, piano and energetic drums. This motivational rock track expresses success, optimism, and joy – an ?excellent choice for corporate promotional videos, training videos, business presentation...

Upbeat Ukulele Fun (5 Versions)

Positive & upbeat track with a strong uplifting feeling, featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and cool beat. This happy and joyful track is a great choice for a wide range of typical corporate media projects, including corporate promotional videos, training videos, business presentatio...

Summer Open Air

Summer pop and dance background music track. Perfect for funny, action, games, gym and workout videos, fitness, sports, reviews, vlogs, youtube videos and more.

Upbeat Indie Rock (5 Versions)

Positive, upbeat and energetic rock track with an uplifting and motivating feel, featuring a catchy electric guitar riff, claps, bass, drums and uplifting β€˜Hey’ style vocals. File Content : 1. Full Track (2:14) 2. 60s Edit (1:06) 3. 30s Edit (0:37 ) 4. 15s Edit (0:18) 5. Long Loop (1:55) Enjo...
Yann Keerim
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