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Uplifting Emotions

Emotional and romantic music track featuring acoustic and electric guitars with beautiful solos, bass, drums and percussive instruments. Inspirational and exciting composition with an uplifting but at the same time intimate vibe. Great for films, TV, commercials, videos and more.

Hello Sunshine

Happy and light popsong with piano, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and handclaps. Perfect for commercials or any children related project and many more.


Beautiful Motivational track with nice, sunny and light inspirational and corporate mood. Perfect background music for any Video or media projects.

Ocean Relax Corporation

Fresh, soft motivational track featuring Enya style pulsing multi tracked vocals, plucked guitar harmonics and synths, fused with contemporary rhythmic elements. Unforgettable melodic themes and harmonic structure give a genuine and sincere uplifting motivational experience. Perfect for Film/Tv adve...

Spark of Inspiration

by hawkey
A gentle and positive piano track that is thoughtful and uplifting.

Inspiring Arpeggios

This simple yet inspirational and elegant track is ideal for corporate productions, advertisements, wedding videos, slide shows, youtube videos and any project that needs a beautiful and uplifting piano background.

Light Corporate Background

A motivating and inspiring, mellow and somewhat minimal corporate background track with delayed guitars and atmospheric synths. Uses include corporate videos, advertisements, commercials, presentations and any kind of visual media production needing an inspirational and motivating background.

Horror Bed 3

A creepy horror bed, primarily designed for in game use. Featuring drones, backwards whispers and all sorts of other wordly sounds. A great backdrop for gothic horror, sci-fi and survival horror games. A loopable edit is also available.


Beautiful Motivational track with nice atmospheric vibe. Perfect background audio for Video.


Beautiful Corporate track with nice motivational and inspirational mood. Perfect background audio for Video.

427 Indie and Ethnic AC2

A very energetic, playful and fun track, great asset for videogames and advertising.

425 Creating Success AC2

A very energetic and uplifting orchestral track for advertising, corporate videos and more.

423 Cool and Confident 4416 AC2

A very energetic instrumental track, inspiring and positive.A great asset for any corporate video, movie and any video application where an exciting track is required.

Playful and Fresh

A very playful, positive and energetic electro track video-games, comedies, and any audiovisual product related to youth and kids

Playful Weirdness

A funny and playful track, featuring marimba, celesta, and electronics. Great asset for kids productions and video-games.

Epic Bagpipe Music III

A very energetic and cinematic orchestral track for movies, and videogames featuring percussion and bagpipes.

Epic Force

A great epic orchestral hybrid track, dramatic and energetic.

Epic Bagpipe II

A very energetic and cinematic orchestral track for movies, and videogames featuring percussion and bagpipes.
Yann Keerim
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