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Day of Epic Revival

This epic & dramatic track, starts with a powerful minimalistic strings melody and sweeping horns, then ends with a grand full choir melody. This track is Ideal for Fantasy Adventure & journey cinematic films, commercials logo reveals, and also will be useful for the Olympic sports content and cue...

A Gray Morning

by Rolly
Melancholy and sweet jazz track with a great groove. Laid back, relaxing, mellow and reflective, yet moving forward. Gentle and simple piano and guitar solos. Romantic, sexy and sensual. Love is all around. George Benson style without vocal. Wine and dine. High end dining. Background music. Morning ...

Happy Ukulele

Happy, summer, upbeat, funny, cheerful instrumental music track with ukulele, claps, bells, whistle, piano. For your beautiful, sunny, jolly, playful, positive videos and projects!

Uplifting Upbeat Corporate Motivational

Inspirational and Motivational musical composition with very light, positive and optimistic atmosphere. Leading instruments are acoustic guitars, piano, violins and bells. Perfect background for your lyrical, romantic and inspiring Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, Advertising, YouTube Promotio...

Inspirational Commercial

Inspirational uplifting corporate background music track. Perfect for any corporate, inspiring, motivating, advertise, technology videos and projects!

Summer of Music

by hawkey
An upbeat string quartet track that’s great for delivering a positive message.

Fanfares Awards Inspiration

Bright, Celebratory and Uplifting Musical composition with wonderful joyful and positive atmosphere and truly inspiring energy. Perfect background audio for any Award Video, Media, Radio and other projects.

El Dorado

Ambient atmospheric cinematic music piece. Good for slow motion, nature videos, tv programs and other projects.

Missing Person

by kubed
A slow, dark, nail-biting instrumental featuring low piano keys, atmospheric pads, percussion and edgy yet subtle synths. There's something evil in the atmosphere, an impending doom perhaps. Suitable for tv & films, crime shows, video games and time-ticking game shows.

Secret Agent

James Bond meets Jason Bourne in this track. Orchestral and synth elements build drama and intrigue. Great for trailers, video games and projects that need a ‘spy’ theme in a distinct cinematic style.

Upbeat Uplifting Success

Uplifting, Upbeat, Inspirational, Motivational, Joyful, Happy, Positive, Optimistic, Energetic, Sunny, Light, Driving, Fresh and Playful Musical composition with wonderful joyful and positive atmosphere and truly inspiring energy. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, Radio and other projec...


by kubed
Dark, suspenseful instrumental track with a spine-chilling mood. Eerie pads mixed with edgy percussion and sfx. Something evil is lurking out there and is coming after you! Suitable for tv & films, crime shows, thriller movies, video games and time-ticking game shows.

Inspirational Sunset

Relaxing, gentle and breezy acoustic track featuring acoustic guitar, bells, bass and drums . This track is very warm, personable and inviting and stays out of the way of an announcer while still creating a wonderful vibe. Great for commercials, videos, presentations, websites, slide shows, and more...

Sunset Relax short version

acoustic guitar, beautiful, calm, camping, caring, coast, delicate, dreamy, easy, elegant, faith, family, friends, happy, hopeful, hypnotic, innocent, inspirational, inspire, joyful, kind, light, lively, loving, magical, nature, optimistic, peaceful, playful, positive, pure, reflective, relax, relax...
Yann Keerim
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