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Jingle Bells Punk

This is exactly what the name states. A punk rock version of Jingle Bells! Drums, bass distorted guitars and a touch of festive brass and actual jingle bells. This track is very up beat and a lot of fun. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a rocking holiday anthem, that is why we created Jingle...

The Old Tale

Perfect for: action trailers, titles, intros, presentations, nature videos, time-lapses and intros

Cinematic Documentary Video Background

"Cinematic Documentary Video Background": Elevate Your Videos Where Vision Meets Harmony, Stories Come Alive! Experience the wonder of "Cinematic Documentary Video Background," the essence of corporate grace, cinematic allure, and suspenseful storytelling. Unleash its power in your videos today. Cra...

Long Way

Dramatic emotional orchestra track. Perfect for: cinematic background, nature videos, fantasy, inspirational projects, presentations and intros…

Crystalline Logo (Sparkling Cinematic Logo)

A sparkling cinematic logo that has many uses. Great for modern ads, weather and news channels, intros, idents, vlog openers and branding.

Lazy Sun

Perfect for: fashion shows, presentations, competitions, extreme and sport videos, openers, trailers, intros, showreel and more

Wholesome Corporate Vibe [PACK]

Background music track with uplifting and wholesome vibe. Perfect for any corporate video like presentation, explainer, tutorial, commercial, advertising, training videos, infomercials, motivational films, explainer videos, business, slideshows, intros and openers, product / brand advertising, real ...

Upcoming End [PACK]

Powerful epic track, perfect choice for movie or game trailer, action, adventure projects, heroic, battle, superheroes videos, advertising intros, openers and more

Energetic Action Drums and Stomps

'Energetic Action Drums and Stomps' this is an energetic and powerful epic drum track, consisting of different drums, percussion, claps and stomps. It is perfectly suited to emphasize sport and action vieos, action-packed commercials, films, Youtube videos, games, intros etc..

Bring Me Energy Logo

A powerful, edgy royalty free Rock music Logo with electric lead guitars and powerful drums. Perfect for openers, intros, business, idents, sports, corporate, action/sports videos or youth ads.

Melancholic Electronica [PACK]

An emotional and sentimental electronic track, featuring piano, melodic synths, and rhythmic drums. It is excellent as background music in projects like video games, films, TV shows, and more.

Wandering Tear

A reflective and somber ambient piano track that is dark and introspective. Contemplative and ruminating Underscore for TV/Film and thought provoking media

Whisper Of Solitude

A poignant and introspective music track that delicately captures the essence of calmness, evoking a sense of sadness and emotional depth. The composition primarily features a solo piano and cello, working together harmoniously to weave a tale of introspection and melancholy.
Yann Keerim
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