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Treasure Life Moments

Beautiful, emotional and inspiring melody with development and attenuation. Played on acoustic guitar and piano. In different versions of the track has drums and strings. Perfect for romantic movies, wedding, family movie, slide show, motivating and inspiring videos, presentations and other projects...

When The Dream Comes True

Gentle inspirational track created using piano, acoustic guitar, percussion and bells. This music complement and accentuate the romantic or happy scenes of your Projects. Perfect for Youtube, documentaries, TV commercials, weddings, engagements, celebrations, tv shows, movies, slide shows, romantic...


Sentimental and sweet acoustic track with a simple melody. It was created for use in a family video, weddings, bright moments of your life. This track is universal, it can be a wonderful addition to your project.

Morning Trip

Uplifting corporate track created by piano, acoustic guitar, bells and drums. The song is easily cut into pieces, it will allow to make desired length of the track without any problems.

Cold Wind

A dreamy and inspiring cinematic ambient track. Cold Wind alternates moments of intimate dreamy texture and other more rhythmic parts, with both classical orchestral instruments and modern synth sounds. Its floating and intense characteristics make it a good choice for cinematic, short films, sci-fi...


Positive and cheerful children's track. Created with the help of ukulele, bells, piano and whistle.

Emotional Harp

Beautiful and emotional cinematic soundtrack created by harp, piano and strings. Perfect for a romantic video, family album, wedding videos, inspirational moments, photo presentations, social advertising and other media projects.

Midnight In The City

"Midnight in the City" is a calm and modern pop track with elements of trance and downtempo. Pleasant, soft synth sounds create a warm atmosphere of peace and good mood. A tight and pulsating bass with drums added certain rhythm. If you are looking for a good and modern track for your Projects, you ...

Sunset Piano

A soft and emotional sweet piano piece. Perfect for film and television soundtracks, wedding videos and commercials with a touching character.

Forever and Ever

Light and emotional piano melody gradually grows into an orchestral composition.

You Inspire Me

The warm sound of an acoustic guitar and ukulele develops into an inspiring and emotional orchestral compositions. This track can be used as an independent product, as well as it can be a great addition to your media projects.

Inspiring Romantic

Light and romantic orchestral track made ??in cinematic style. Emotional and inspiring. Perfect for video editing with weddings, photo albums, presentations, sentimental moments, and more.
Yann Keerim
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