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Uplifting Classical

Uplifting and Inspiring classical track for your project! Featuring, violin, piano, cello, bells and the whole orchestra it`s perfect for commercials, ads, youtube, promo, intro, presentation and more. Enjoy!

Quirky Fun Kids [PACK]

Fresh and Bouncy Kids track to make your content warmer and brighter! It features acoustic guitar, whistle, claps and some other fun stuff. Perfect for commercial, promo, advertisement, youtube and many more. Enjoy!

Happy Christmas Story [PACK]

Bright and Easy track for your project! It`s Quirky, Bouncy and Uplifting, with a Childish feel. It features the whole orchestra with strings, harp, woodwinds, brass and some more! Perfect for commercials, adds, youtube and any other Christmas content. Enjoy!

Happy Lovely Kids [PACK]

This track is happy, lovely, pretty, cute, funny, enjoyable, upbeat, pleasant, playful, bright, and positive. It is perfect for lovely advertisements, kids projects, animal projects, educational videos, animation, games, YouTube, and more. The main instruments used are the melodica, recorder, ukul...

Comedy Strings [PACK]

Comically Sad track to highlight the most ridiculous moments of your project! It features strings, woodwinds, bells and some orchestral percussion. Perfect for minimal video games, childish commercials or other projects in need of some whimsical music. Enjoy!

Cheerful Christmas [PACK]

Merry and Joyful track for your Christmas projects! It features the whole symphonic orchestra along with some sleigh bells and quirky percussion. Perfect for commercials, adds, youtube, presentations, promo, background and many more. Enjoy!

Careless Whistle [PACK]

Bright and catchy carefree track for your commercial, advertisement, podcast, blog, video, you name it! Featuring ukulele, whistle, drums and mallets it brings a great vibe for you to enjoy. Good day!

Bright Christmas Morning [PACK]

Nice and Uplifting Stylish track for your project! Featuring pizzicato strings, woodwinds, percussion, harp, glockenspiel and, of course, sleigh bells it is Perfect for any christmassy commercial, add, youtube video, or just as an occasional background track Enjoy!

Curious [PACK]

Quirky and Fun little track for your project! It features an orchestra with strings, woodwinds and quite a few funny percussion inlays. Perfect for commercial, ad, youtube, video game or any other project. Enjoy!

A Bit Of Euphoria

A retro, positive, and fantasylike chiptune track with happy dreamy vibes. Great for gaming content and kitsch programming. Key of C major

Tireless Kids

A playful and carefree music track with a fun and light-hearted atmosphere. It features pizzicato strings, bassoon, glockenspiel, piano, bells, percussion and funny sound effects. Perfect for fun vlogs, funny animals videos, The Dodo, animation sequences, game apps, cartoons, comedy series, educatio...

Kids Cheerful Ukulele Rock Pop [PACK]

It is a cheerful, lively, playful, fun, uplifting, bright, enjoyable, upbeat, exhilarating, lovely, positive and comical track. Perfect for happy kids projects, advertising, commercial, promotional video, etc. The main instruments are whistle, ukulele, organ and vibraphone.

Hush Little Baby

The tender, delicate classic „Hush Little Baby“ in a simple, calming version played on a music box. Sweet, dreamy and peaceful, associated with babies, bedtime, sleep. Perfect for all kinds of baby and children projects, advertising, animation, commercials, cartoons, videos, slideshows, youtube.

Your Hilarious Ways

This is a happy and bubbly track that features an acoustic guitar, piano, celesta, human whistle and light brushed drums. Perfect for children’s films or theme shows, cartoons, light comedies, and more. Track total time is 1:00.

Are You Sleeping

The tender, delicate classic „Are You Sleeping“ in a simple, calming version played on a music box. Also known as "Frère Jacques", "Bruder Jakob", "Fra' Martino"... Sweet, dreamy and peaceful, associated with babies, bedtime, sleep. Perfect for all kinds of baby and children projects, advertisi...

Cinematic Spooky Halloween

A mysterious orchestral track, featuring pizzicato strings, female choir, celesta, solo violin, solo flute, harp and orchestral percussion, to give an eerie, sinister mood. Perfect for Halloween projects, scary movies, cartoon, animation, black comedy, kids videos, trailer, documentaries.

Love Over Diamonds

This composition boasts a commanding hip hop beat and a captivating melody hook, making it an excellent complement to any dramedy production. Infused with a subtle Oriental and nostalgic touch, it exudes an air of class and sophistication, perfectly suited for elevating the overall aesthetic of a hu...

Fake Body Parts

This composition exudes confidence and grandeur, making it an ideal choice for reality shows and dramedies. With a commanding hip-hop beat, punctuated by pizzicato strings, violins, xylophones, and woodwinds, it delivers a unique blend of musical elements that will elevate any production seeking a h...
Yann Keerim
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