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A Latin Calm

A relaxing and fresh track featuring acoustic guitar, drum kit, bass, and harmonica.

Rock trailer

A very energetic Rock track featuring orchestra and synth.

Get ready

Film score with dramatic strings, unique synths, a fat bassline and an impulsive beat. Ideal as film score and trailer music.

Happy Wife Happy Life No Piano Version

Happy corporate pop with lovely guitars, a positive piano melody and an easygoing beat. Perfect for TV and commercials.

Happy Wife Happy Life

Happy corporate pop with lovely guitars, a positive piano melody and an easygoing beat. Perfect for TV and commercials.

I will love you forever

Sentimental, hopeful piano piece accompanied by strings. Perfect suitable for romantic scenes or advertising.

Blue Planet

Great for big adventures. Modern and Epic film score with a herioc feeling, full orchestra, strings, brass, timpani. Thanks for listen

Drive along the road

Modern, experimental pop rock with electric guitar, base, keyboard, sound effects and drum set. Sounds new, varied and innovative

Final Race

Drifty, modern electro with groovy drum beats and keyboard. Spheric sound effects create a wide, dreamy atmosphere. Timeless!

Kingdom of War

Mysterious and exciting film music with dramatic strings, choir and a modern beat. Nice for mystery and horror.

Just a fancy Guy

Casuall, summery disco pop with funky e-guitars, bass guitar, cheerful pads and an easygoing beat. Gives a nice summer feeling.

Last chance

Huge, powerful movie score with choir, strings and strong drum strokes. Heroic, theatralic mood. Epic, fantasy, video games.

Muscle Man

Powerful rock intro with distorted electric guitars, drum beats, voice samples and sound effects (audience, strom). Sounds wild and strong!

Lovely Rose

Slow and touching film score with organ, strings and choir. Well-suited for fantasy, medieval topics, period films or games.

Nano Technologie

Unique dub electro with modern synthesizer arpeggios, a fat bass, pulsating pads and a powerful beat. Excellent suitable for image movies, product presentations and powerful big pictures.

New Day Rises

Slow, emotional film score with affecting choir, epic strings, woodwinds and brass, percussions and a modern beat. Ideal for big pictures and positiv movie scenes.

Sonic Race

Exciting and uplifting film score with modern synths, dramatic strings and atmospheric elements.Great Impact. Ideal as film score and trailer music.
Yann Keerim