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Future In Your Hands

Easy and airy background music with optimistic mood and warm sound. Great for promotional videos, product advertising, corporate and business presentations, healthcare videos, real estate promos, uplifting and inspiring videos.

Subtle Movements

Gentle and peaceful background music with warm sound and light atmosphere. Perfect for business and corporate promo videos, real estate promos, work presentations, product advertising, health care videos, airy videos and more.

Fashion Deep House (Medium)

Fashion Deep House is a deep, lounge, atmospheric and fashionable music. If you are looking for a track for a fashion show, fashion review or for a stylish luxury life, then this track is for you. Ideal for: inspiring projects, fashion videos, fashion shows, stylish luxury life, fashion reviews, br...

Acoustic Study Travelling Cooking

Positive tune with a happy soft acoustic guitar, simple piano, upbeat drums, bass guitar , soft strings and cheery bells. This joyous folk track is a perfect fit for any sort of quirky media or off-beat branding.

Better Time Is Now

Optimistic and airy background music with light atmospheric sound and hopeful mood. This track will be perfectly fitted for advertising, real estate presentations, inspiring videos, nature landscapes, drone videos or any promotional projects.

Traveling By Highway

A low slide guitar and mandolin join for a medium tempo southern melody, conjuring scenes of traveling, dusty highways, the mountains, and backroads.

Create a Better Future

Atmospheric and airy electronic music with optimistic and inspirational feelings. This beautiful royalty-free tune can be perfect as a background for promotional videos, technology presentations, science and sci-fi videos, documentaries, high-tech developments and modern engineering videos, corporat...

The Future Is Bright

Motivational pop-rock music with corporate feelings and uplifting atmosphere. This optimistic royalty-free tune will perfect for promotional videos, business projects, advertising, travel videos, success stories, inspiring lifestyle videos, commercials TV and Radio ads or more.


Merry funny children video music background. Medium tempo happy tune on ukulele and piano sounds. Good track for animation and home kids video.

Cloud Storage

Hypnotic synth patterns combined with lively drum sounds and bass - perfect background for all high tech related applications.

Tech Development

Straight and positive corporate song with electric guitar pattern and synth elements. Perfect for modern tech presentations or image videos.

Optimistic Thinking

This one is optimistic and peaceful background music perfectly fit for promotional videos, corporate and business presentations, slide-shows, analysis and stats graphics, company branding and design videos, radio ads or TV commercials.

Right Time And Place

This is motivational corporate music with uplifting and inspirational mood. Great background music for promo videos, presentations, advertising, inspiring stories, success and achievements projects, business and company marketing videos.

Crystal Clear

Upbeat and motivational dance track with synth pads and leads. Very moving melodies and drum beats.

Big Promising Future

Uplifting and promising background music with an optimistic mood. This motivational tune will be perfect for promotional videos, corporate and business projects, advertising, youtube presentations, ads, TV and Radio commercials. Main instruments are acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, electric ...

Incredible Perspectives

Motivational and Uplifting instrumental music with great corporate feeling and optimistic mood. This inspirational background music would be perfect for business promo videos, advertising, corporate presentations, TV and radio commercials, youtube vlogs and other multimedia projects.

Set Your Goal High

An inspiring and much encouraging alternative rock and pop rock music with uplifting energetic impact and motivational atmosphere. This beautiful and hopeful royalty free musical piece can be perfect for any inspirational life stories or motivating videos, friends and family videos, travel stories, ...
Yann Keerim
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