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395 Joyful Christmas

A beautiful, emotional and touching orchestral track full of Christmas. A fantastic asset for your Christmas video, ad, promo or movie.

Alice Wanna Play

by Evgeny
Active, positive and happy pop-rock track, inspired by My Darkest Days and similar bands. Powerful drums, clean and distorted guitars, good mood.


An enchanting magical piano solo joined by lush strings, a light guitar and beautiful ethereal vocals. Conveys a sense of love, beauty and commitment. Tender, devoted and inspiring.

Smooth Auld Lang Syne

Smooth, jazzy, melodic version of this timeless song. Sophisticated and inspirational, all acoustic, with lead parts by a beautiful sax, a warm guitar, an expressive accordion and evocative bagpipes. Heartwarming, romantic, uplifting, just beautiful. Great background music for shops, shopping malls,...

Christmas Time

A joyful Christmas song, with happy lyrics, a sweet melody and a nice arrangement, where piano, guitars and ukuleles are perfectly blended with a gorgeous orchestra. An instant holiday classic, great for any Christmas related production. Instrumental version also available, perfect as background mus...

Dark Desire

by kubed
Hip hop track with trap elements and modern production values. A combination of atmospheric pads, edgy synth lead, strings, deep bass, wobble bass sounds and percussion beats. Dramatic transitions that make this track perfect for reality tv, sports highlights and commercials.

The Orient

Groovy-exciting Arabic world music trailer featuring catchy, playful riffs, a melancholic melody and light yet intoxicating percussions. Perfect as film score or opener!

Now It Is The Time

Epic-menacing modern orchestral film score trailer featuring bizarre and disturbing string, brass, synth and SFX sounds, dubstep elements as well as a mysterious ethnic horn. Perfect for fantasy movies and games!

Push It Forward

Dark-exciting, slightly bizarre urban. Dramatic-menacing orchestral brass riff meets playful and hypnotic retro synths, mysterious SFX, a wobble bass and a groovy hip hop beat.

Emotional Heroic Orchestra

Epic film score with monumental strings, choir, brass and a modern huge percussion beat. Ideal for big pictures, romances and flying scenes.

Magical Boy Instrumental

Relaxing deep housemusic with smooth microscopic vocals fragments and catchy 80s male vocals. This track sounds homogeneously and soft, with a positive sommerfeel at the same time. Timeless!!

Magical Boy

Relaxing deep housemusic with smooth microscopic vocals fragments and catchy 80s male vocals. This track sounds homogeneously and soft, with a positive sommerfeel at the same time. Timeless!!

Arabian romantic Dance

A caravan going through the desert, or riding on camel back or horseback in the desert sun. This mid-tempo instrumental features both Eastern and Western instruments including Oud, Trumpets, Strings, and Middle-Eastern percussion instruments. The track could easily fit animation, as well as film.

Cossack Fever

Full of fun, this track combines a mix of world music and comical vocal elements against an urban accompaniment. Traditional dance moves are put to the test with this playful music which moves along at a medium tempo.

Crying Violin

Organ duets with a sad, crying violin in this piece of music. The violin's melody is super emotional describing a range of emotions including sadness, regret and hurt. You can almost hear the tears dropping from the violin! This could also be used to set up a dark, dramatic, mysterious or emotional ...

Greek Dance

Authentic Greek dance music, featuring melodies from the Bouzouki (greek guitar) and violin, and featuring a beautiful dulcimer solo. A rhythm section of bass and hand percussion builds to a full drum beat, complete with claps and shouts. Fun and bright greek dance music!

Gypsy Latin Dreamer

A latin track featuring spanish guitars and percussion ala Gypsy kings. The hook is extremely melodious and very catchy. This track has a sentimental but yet very groovy attitude. This track can be used in many different scenes and in many different ways. The ending is serene and romantic.

Gypsy Fiddle Jazz

Upbeat and bouncy, in the style of Gypsy Jazz. Featuring violin and acoustic guitar that creates a playful and celebratory mood. Quirky, Campy, Mischievous, Historical

Gypsy Heart

A romantic and exciting track featuring Spanish Guitars with a driving beat. Great for an exotic, romantic and dancing mood. Starts with a slow and mellow intro which leads to a pick up and a fast dance beat.
Yann Keerim
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