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Claude Lavender is a multi instrumentalist from Toronto Canada, he specializes in instrumental music and records it with analogue equipment and tape recorders. Drawing inspiration from Japanese Electronic/Ambient with well forged allies of Krautrock, Jazz and video game music, Claude Lavender achieves a unique blend of a sort of Library or Production Music, with each track having a distinct personality. Owing to the 1/4 inch tape format the songs have a further fuzzy nostalgia, designed to entertain the listener just as much as relax them. Physical cassettes for these albums and merchandise are available for sale on Bandcamp via this link: ? Thanks for listening!

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Triumphant Animal

A somber introspective piano ballad that morphs into a more triumphant ending that fades out. Recorded to reel to reel tape machine.

Mario Kart Song

A 6 bar cycle that repeats. Sounds very reminiscent of Mario Kart 64. Up tempo feel. Uses a disco drum machine and Casio CZ 1 synthesizer. Could work well looped?

Loungin by the Sea

An easy breezy jazz ballad with harp lead and fender rhodes and electric guitar accompaniment. Dubbed sea side sounds in the background and recorded to real tape machine.

Thinking Man

A tender introspective ballad, instrumentation is an electric guitar, piano and synthesizer. Recorded to tape.

Party Mixer

This is a 70's sounding yacht rock/soft rock instrumental excerpt. It has an odd time signature in the back end. The instrumentation is a guitar, a bass an acoustic piano and drum machine. This excerpt was recorded on reel to reel tape machine.
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