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Ballad Emotional Grand Piano and String Instrumental

Ballad Emotional Grand Piano and String Instrumental is A hopeful, inspirational and lovely soundtrack. Ideal for Film Scores, emotional romantic scenes, drones, Filled with heartfelt love and emotions and ultimately will uplift you to a feeling of joy !

You're My Reason Cheating (Sad Longue Version)

You're My Reason Cheating (Sad Longue Version) with guitar instrumental, drum, bass, bell, pads, synth and other

Wednesday Vibes (Lofi Version Instrumental)

Wednesday Vibes (Lofi Version Instrumental) with Drum, Bass, Electric Piano, Pads, Synth and other Instrumental

All Memories (Rise up Instrumental)

All Memories (Rise up Instrumental) with Electric Guitar, Drum, Bass, Bells an other instrumental

Chill Monday (Lofi Version)

Chill Monday (Lofi Version) with Pads, Bells, Synth, Drum, Bass, Sequence Instrumental and other

Decision Chill Vibes

This sweet is perfect for holiday, travel, riding, Vlog,, youtube, projects and other. It features ukulele, piano, and drum, clap. Its mood is uplifting, strange, warm, and positive.

I'm So Lonely Chill Vibes

This sweet is perfect for holiday, travel, riding, Vlog,, youtube, projects and other. It features piano, and drum, clap. Its mood is uplifting, strange, warm, and positive.

Piano and Orchestra

A beautiful, powerful, strong, minimal, and dramatic track for Piano and Orchestra. Great for soundtrack or background music in films, tv, advertising, corporate & motivational video, sports, documentary, slideshows, and more.

Documentary Intrigue and Dramatic Atmosphere

Background cinematic music for documentary, intrigue, drama, suspense, espionage, conspiracy, government. Also can be used in films, tv, time-lapse, photo slideshows, youtube video, etc,. Perfect for anything you want to add emotional depth to. Blends perfectly with any voiceovers or under dialogue.


A cinematic track great for horror movies. Modern sounding, Trap beat, convenient installation. All sounds draw something dark and terrible in the head.

Wars and Hammers

An epic, orchestral adventure that captures an adrenaline fulled event horizon of battle. Climax driven ethnic and metallic percussion with dramatic brass and strings capture the essence of this dynamic cinematic composition.

Vision Horizon

An uplifting, inspirational cinematic background to captivate and inspire your audience. Lush orchestral strings, percussion with complimentary motivational piano melodies and an emotional climax.

Stomp it Down

The perfect blend of huge ethnic drums such as Taiko and Djembe evoking emotions of action, adventure, and drama are the driving force of this epic, cinematic arrangement. Layered with ethereal voices, deep choirs and shouts add to the overall mystery and tension. With many edit points and percuss...

Long Mountain Vistas

Long Mountain Vistas is an epic full orchestral arrangement with native American drums and flute. Expressing the vast landscape of North America, the wisdom of the native American people and the wonder of nature’s mystical presence.

Let the Games Begin

An epic exciting cinematic trailer soundtrack. With huge orchestral percussion, booming brass and chilling strings. Perfect background music for any project needing that dramatic edge.


An epic inspirational cinematic track with a magical piano melody accompanied by luscious orchestral strings, huge drums, and bass. This motivational background is the driving force of your audiences’ imagination.

A Bird's Eye View

The mystical piano melody and epic cinematic strings takes you on an inspirational journey, flying into adventure and wonder. With a strong chill step beat, luscious synths and awe inspiring cymbal swells. Perfect for high quality aerial footage and many other dramatic, cinematic and inspirational ...

Epic nuclear

Epic nuclear - it's a humongous epic background music with giant brass and mega woodwinds dramatic instrumental parts. Massive strings sound, cinematic ensemble it's a core of this track.

Action In The Air

Powerful and fun electronic track. Good fit for action videos shot in the air such as drone footage, base jumping and other fast moving content. The really cool melodies with a driving EDM beat give off a happy overall mood. Giving a sense of accomplishment and success.

Tension movie

Powerful, slightly scary, modern Trap-track. All sounds are chosen so as to cause tension and a sense of danger. Ideal for musical accompaniment film or documentary program.

News Loop

Dynamic orchestral music loop for news on TV and radio. It`s great for news backgrounds, intros, for openers or other kind of presentation.
Yann Keerim
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