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Emotional Situation

Joyful, inspiring piece with delicate piano and strings. Uplifting and elegant feel, with a sense of hope and striving for achievement/success! Perfect for uplifting, classy background music.

Electronic Urgency

Exciting Pop/Electronic track with classical strings, edgy synths, piano and solid drums groove. Uplifting, powerful and groovy!

Electronic Movement

Cool, groovy ambient electronic track with edgy, modern vibe! Solid beat, chucking guitar and spacey pads, building into end section with raw, edgy synths. Great for scientific, technology, corporate use!

Dubstep Power

Edgy, powerful modern Dubstep track with killer drum groove, piano, dark synths and strings. Builds into energetic double-time section, then back to original groove. Dubstep at it's best!

Dubstep Electrio Shock

Powerful, gripping Dubstep track with piano, edgy synths and solid groove.

Driving Into The Sunset

Cool, ambient electronic track with guitar, driving beat and catchy synths. Great as inspiring, atmospheric background music. Hip, fresh and positive vibe!

Drifting Guitar

Dreamy, melancholic piece with solo acoustic guitar, building gradually throughout. Ambient, light, carefree atmosphere. Great as delicate background music.

Delicate Movements

Inspiring, emotional solo piano piece. Delicate, hopeful & dreamy atmosphere. Perfect for gentle, melancholic background music!

Delicate Approach

Inspiration, emotional piece with piano, strings and drums. Motivating, optimistic and hopeful feel.

Days Of Happiness

Uplifting, happy Pop track with solid groove and catchy synth. Fun and light-hearted - perfect for cheerful background music!

Dark Mysteries

Mysterious, yet powerful and groovy percussive track with a variety of drum/percussion instruments.

Dancing My Heart Out

Uplifting, energetic modern Electro Pop track with solid groove and catchy synths. Carefree, fun track, sure to get 'ya moving!

Corporate Worlds

Ambient Electronic track with spacey synth pads and cool simple beat. Great for atmospheric, corporate, science, technology use!

Cool City Groove

Cool, funky retro track with solid rhythm section groove and horns. Great for uplifting, positive, happy use!

Cool Ambience

Ambient Electronic track with cool groove and spacey synths. Great for modern background music.

Comedic Adventures

Quirky orchestral piece with comical cinematic feel. Great for cartoon use, or light-hearted, carefree music!

Classical Triumph

Grand, elegant classical piece with triumphant, uplifting string arrangements. Gradually builds throughout with added layers, ending with an epic climax!

Classical Dubstep

Very powerful Dubstep track with graceful classical strings, solid drum groove and edgy synths. An excellent mix of musical styles - hardcore modern and elegant classical!

Chuckles And Giggles

Quirky, funny piece with piano, drums, horns and flute. Great for carefree, happy background music.

Childish Antics

Quirky, comical piece with childish, carefree feel. Bells and bass! Great for light-hearted humorous scene!
Yann Keerim
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