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Exotic Adventure

Catchy World Music track with cool groove, pipes and strings.

Entertaining Forever

Classy, quirky arrangement of the popular track "The Entertainer". Fun, happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Encouraging News

Energetic, motivating track with catchy melody and driving groove.

Emotions Evolve

Romantic piano and strings piece with delicate, loving atmosphere.

Emerging From The Shadows

Energetic Action/Adventure track with various dynamic sections. Driving percussion, orchestral instruments and cool electronics. Great for Epic Action scene!

Electro Party Night

Electro Dance Pop track with solid driving beat and mysterious trippy synths.

Chinese Beauty (5 Versions)

Gentle, atmospheric and relaxing traditional Chinese composition with a soothing and warm feel, featuring Chinese Guzheng Zither accompanied by warm strings, percussions, and other traditional Chinese instruments. This package includes : Full Track (2:00) 60s Edit (1:08) 30s Edit (0:36) 15s Edit ...

Electric Circuits

Short, catchy Electro Pop stinger. Great for scene change or ID spot!

Edgy Underground

Dark, mysterious Electro Dance track with trippy synths and solid driving beat.

Day Of Relaxation

Pure and emotional piano piece with delicate lush strings.

Dance For Tradition

Traditional Polish/Ukrainian/Russian style Polka with authentic instrumentation.

Crazy Dance Party

Quirky Dance Pop track with solid groove, catchy synths and vocal samples.

Comical Adventures

Comical, happy-go-lucky orchestral piece with magical Disney atmosphere.

Cannot Say Goodbye

Emotional and inspiring piece with piano and strings. Gradually building throughout...

Brain Short Circuit

Catchy and energetic Electro Pop track with driving beat and cool synths.

Being In Sweet Love

Beautiful, delicate piece with piano and lush strings. Emotional, loving atmosphere...

Bed Time Story

Simple and innocent children's piece with music box and bells. Gentle Christmassy feel.

Beautiful Sentiments

Emotional piece with piano and orchestra. Feeling of longing and melancholy. Very Hollywood sounding.

Battleship Return

Short Dramatic stinger with epic orchestral arrangements and percussion. Great for ending a scene!

As Time Passes By

Soft and gentle piano piece with emotional loving atmosphere.

A Dramatic Twist

Very tense and epic cinematic piece with orchestra and driving percussion
Yann Keerim
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