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Nature, Relaxing, Soft Ambient, Chill beat.

Alpha Mission (Weird Monk version)

A nervous / ennerving and pensive orchestral track with epic percussion. A sense of danger and urgency. Good for reality TV / rescue mission, international conflict, armed conflict, military missions, action drama and more. Somewhat heroic / valiant feel. The good guys triumph! A full choir enters t...

Drunken Monkey Ukulele

A positive and optimistic acoustic track with ukulele, glockenspiel upright bass, piano, and drums. Ideal for corporate advertising, commercials and internet videos as well as uses involving children, kids, innocence, inspiration and motivation.

Monkey Pump

Positive and groovy upbeat track with vintage sound suitable for positive and fun videos, advertising spots, commercials, energetic sports videos and many more. In this track you can hear flute solo, sax, brass, electro piano, organ, synth, bass line, dj scratches and funky beats


Retro gaming fun, featuring xylophone, chiptune style synths and all manner of strangeness! Great for platform or karting style games


A powerful, haunting and majestic orchestral track with chanting monks and choirs that conveys a sense of history, strength and respect. Cinematic, dramatic and emotional.

Old Prophecy

Ancient soundscape with some oriental influences, especially the Tibetan tuvan monk singing, typical from Nepal. Great for history documentaries and specials. Also for fantasy and sci-fi.


A quirky, fun track perfect for comedies, children's parties, animations and cartoons. Great for dramedy scenes like those in Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids. With pizzicato strings, woodwinds, marimba and triangle, it has a light, humorous and slightly mischievous vibe.

Epic Gothic Choir March

(do not miss listening from 0.57) Imagine a monks march, are they pilgrims? Are they warrior monks? The track is dynamic but not loud, on the edge between epic and gothic in a middle age landscape. There's a fallen abbey in the background, but maybe it's a deconsecrated church … Choir theme a...

Brazilian Drunken Monkey

It’s a positive, uplifting and funny tune. Very suitable for advertising etc!It’s always so pleasant for us


Inspiring African influenced music, featuring kalimba, ethnic percussion and African chants. Great for travel, documentary, etc.

Monkey Love

by kubed
Very uplifting funky track,combining retro 70's elements with modern production.It features funky broken beats,organ,bass guitar and electric & acoustic guitars.Groovy,positive and fun sound,it can work well in sitcoms,action comedy movies,timelapse videos and youth oriented promos.
Yann Keerim
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