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Tomorrow We Fly

Composer: Dean Wagg
A huge soaring uplifting rock/pop song which carries a great deal of emotional weight & sounds a little like Paradise by Coldplay - big, anthemic & beautifully formed with sky high synths & guitars, dramatic pianos & stadium sized drums. Inspiring, moving & emotional. Perfect for sound tracking corp...

Love's Forever Kiss

Composer: Dean Wagg
Delicate & ethereal this contemporary high-end production dramatic piece, which features real grand piano & orchestral strings is steeped in romance. It starts with just piano & builds & swells to a wonderful orchestral climax. Both modern & classic, it is slow & beautiful, warm & magical. Perfect f...

Off The Hook

Composer: Dean Wagg
Hugely dramatic brooding building piece of orchestral rock which sounds like the theme to 28 Days Later by John Murphy (renamed 'Big Daddy Kills in the movie Kick-Ass). Brooding guitars & pianos build ominously until band & orchestra crash in & give it a real strutting thud. Perfect for epic dramati...

Moon Walk

Composer: Dean Wagg
A delicate tranquil slow romantic piano & orchestral piece whi I have written as an alternative to, (& tribute to) Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. Very romantic it brings to mind shimmering lakes in the moonlight & couples sharing their love. Will work beautifully for that most romantic passionate scenes...

Ruler Of All Things

Composer: Dean Wagg
Dramatic rolling string & orchestra/pop crossover which sounds a little like Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Driving pulsating uplifting modern instrumental soundtrack composition for strings orchestra & percussion. Strings are joined by drums, bells & timpani to create an emotionally compelling tune whi...

Moonhill Child

Slow, atmospheric Ballad with a romantic piano theme and soft bongo beat. Perfect for love movies and thoughtful moments.

Corporate Dream

Composer: Melodality Music
Hopeful and Uplifting corporate music track with Piano, Rhodes, Dreamy Atmospheric sounds, Strong Bass and Drum sections. Great for commercials, presentations, videos and promos. Successful music with a positive and happy vibe.

Cinematic Vision

Composer: Melodality Music
Inspiring and motivating composition featuring atmospheric guitar parts, percussion, orchestral strings and drum beats. Emotional, dreamy and uplifting track great for films, commercials, TV, videos and more.

Living The Drama

Composer: Melodality Music
Dramatic and Tragic cinematic film soundtrack with a heroic feel, orchestral strings and grand piano accompanied by synth pads evoke the deepest emotional feelings. Best for films, trailers, documentaries and videos.

Dreaming About You

Composer: Melodality Music
Atmospheric and dreamy music track that brings to imagination the images of romance, love, memories, reminiscence. Emotional and inspiring composition that will work great in films, documentaries, videos and more.

What Child Is This | Greensleeves

Composer: Brian Curtin
Elegant and majestic instrumental arrangement of an enduring holiday favorite that features varied orchestral colors over a lilting rhythmic beat. With a haunting bittersweet mood, this nostalgic Christmas classic evokes the magical spirit of the Yuletide season. Good for uplifting Xmas Media.

Silent Night

Composer: Brian Curtin
Calm and peaceful instrumental rendition of an enduring holiday classic that features varied orchestral colors over a gentle lilting rhythmic beat. With a tender angelic mood, this inspired Christmas carol captures the joyful spirit of the magical Yuletide season Good for uplifting Xmas media.

O Holy Night

Composer: Brian Curtin
Powerful and uplifting instrumental rendition of an enduring holiday classic that combines dreamy orchestral colors with a gentle lilting rhythmic beat. With a slow and steady, escalating dramatic buildup, this inspired Christmas carol captures the joyful spirit of the magical Yuletide season.
Yann Keerim
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