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Dark and suspenseful singer songwriter tune with pessimistic lyrics.

Michael's Garden

A relaxing and haunting acoustic piece, with a prominent mandolin melody interspersed with gentle guitar chords. Creates a melancholy yet hopeful atmosphere.

Fighting Gravity (Pack)

Dark driving electro instrumental, with synths, piano, orchestral percussions, sound effects and electronic drums. Could fit well in various situations, either mid-paced action sequences, investigation scenes, suspenseful moments, or montages, showing sports footage, competition footage. 4 differ...

A Deal Gone Bad

Classical instruments play epic melodies nicely combined with a slow industrial beat. Great for a moving, serious intro. At the end it fades to an ambient soundscape.

Taskforce Delta

Would fit perfectly in a first person shooter game, based on the 2nd world war. This symphonic track builds up nicely with a beautiful string piece towards a strong climax. Snare drums make it suspenseful and give the song a marching feel while still being dynamic and dramatic.

Land Of Hope

A beautiful epic landscape is revealed, this would fit perfectly with images of nature and sceneries. Starts with a beautiful ambient soundscape, then pounding taiko drums come in together with strings and xylophone, and along the way a very impressive duduk plays beautiful harmonies on top.


Elegant, tender and touching orchestral cue for dramatic, sophisticated and emotional Film Noir, soundtrack, film score or soaring romantic movie trailer. Passionate and a bit nostalgic.

Murder One

Starts with a slow requiem, than builds up when the murderer comes closer with a big climax on the end...Beautiful epic harmonies and orchestral parts with powerful dynamic percussion.

In The Hospital

A tragic cinematic song with beautiful delicate piano, strings and horns. Touching, emotional and sad. Perfect for scenes of tragedy and utter heartache.

Once In Persia

When things start heating up in the desert. Great dramatic dynamic track with a sense of wonder, greatness and action.

Dramatic Violins and Cello

by Aquilo
A dramatic track with two spiccato violins and a tremolo cello creates a raw, dramatic and somewhat aggressive mood fitting for a car commercial or similar type of advertising. The sound is a bit gritty and dirty, especially for a string trio.


An upbeat acoustic instrumental piece ideal for corporate videos with an uplifting or motivational message. Starting with a strumming acoustic guitar, the track builds through the addition of drums and electric guitar to a rousing and positive-sounding finale.


Gentle finger picking acoustic guitar providing a melancholy atmosphere
Yann Keerim