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Country Picking

Country Picking is a good old finger licking’ foot stomping Southern acoustic country track which sounds a little like the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Creedence Clearwater Revival. This song is lively, upbeat and fun, and full of All American country energy and down-home spirit. Thr...

Epic Dubstep Orchestra

Dramatic symphonic Dubstep & orchestral crossover - perfect for modern film trailers, commercials & corporate use. Combines contemporary Dubstep elements with a full classical symphony orchestra. Spectacularly big & monstrous, it carries a huge emotional weight, and a driving, menacing purpose. ...

Pulp Fiction

Fast, energetic and super cool instrumental track in the ‘surf rock’ style. Led by a clean channelled electric guitar with a hint of reverb a distinctive vibrato sound is created by employing a tremolo bar technique. The sound is as fresh and unique today as it always was. Fast, freneti...


A moody and atmospheric ambient piece with ethereal pads and ambient slide guitar. Soft, yet deep and evocative, like an unfolding story or a magnificent sunrise. The track has a slight sense of ethnic mystery or the ancient world, maybe India. Very dreamy, reflective and rich on atmosphere, perhaps...

Near Vana part 1

Indian flute, woodwinds, with floating pads. Ethereal, spiritual, foreign and exotic. Mountains and deserts, Eastern, Oriental landscapes and scenery. Good for travel, exploration, culture, history, film, drama, documentary, adventure and much more.

The Guardians

Delicately haunting, slowly building epic soundtrack for piano & full orchestra. Slow, dark and full of symphonic tension, It sounds a little like Hans Zimmer, & the theme to the movie '28 days later'. Creeping, menacing & brooding, it is also beautiful & gentle.

Up In The Air

‘Up In The Air’ is an Inspirational, epic and majestic modern rock track in the style of U2, Coldplay & Keane. It conveys motivation, positivity and success. Lush sweeping strings, huge drums, gorgeous guitars and floating synths all combine to give this contemporary song a spacious wid...
Yann Keerim
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