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Emotional Piano

A beautiful, sentimental and emotional track featuring piano and cello. Perfect for productions about love, faith, relationships, weddings etc. Sounds like: Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds.


by kubed
The predator is watching and about to make a move. Tension is building up, target is locked and there's no way out! Dark timpani blend with percussion hits, edgy cinematic strings and fast paced percussive beats. Full of adrenaline and suspense track with a climaxed ending.

Air Collapse

It would also work very well for any sequence with a retro feel, that has a spy theme. It has a sinister element; action, suspense, anxiety, and bank heists. Or just to listen and enjoy!


Epic yet restrained, is a goosebump inducing inspirational orchestra piece. It would be amazing as an adventure score, a travel montage, or even inside of a corporate motivational project. This piece has a slight military feel to it, which makes it emotionally ideal for feelings of determinati...

Commercial Folk

Perfect for background music for any type of presentation that needs to evoke lightheartedness and happiness.

Darkness is Inside of Me

Epic action hollywood style track with a straight building. Perfect for video games, action movie scores, trailers, adventure and epic contents. Features percussions, violins, cellos, stingers, intro and outro. Huge sound, high-impact dramatic score with a cinematic sound.

In My Memories

A light acoustic instrumental background track with an uplifting motivational character.Perfect for TV nature documentaries, nature product advertising or simply as a great background for slide shows, presentations or holiday video footage.

System Events

Uplifting high energy music with heroic feel that conveys the spirit of victory and inspiration. Perfect music for motivational projects that relate to achievements and success.

Powerful Epic Trailer

Very power and energetic music composition. Movie trailer music, cinematic drums, music for operations, battle scene music, orchestral percussion, Taiko drums. Excellent for pulsating action scenes, historical and war films, trailers, pounding chase sequences, perfect for background music.

The Night We Fought

This epic & dramatic track, starts with a powerful minimalistic strings melody and sweeping horns, then ends with a grand full choir melody. This track is Ideal for Fantasy Adventure & journey cinematic films, commercials logo reveals, and also will be useful for the Olympic sports content and cue...

Optimistic and Uplifting

An uplifting instrumental pop rock track, featuring driving live drums, expansive guitar arpeggios, piano and string sections. It's ideal for use in media where the message of winning and success is paramount, such as corporate presentations, sports, drama, news or websites.


1-2-3-4: Featuring guitars, bass, drums and rhodes piano. This track combines genres as diverse as indie, new wave and funk. Suitable for teens, podcast, corporate and video games.

6 Feet Under

Dramatic and tense trip-hop with a relentless bass riff and piano motif. Great for action, crime and thriller.

Kicking Up Dust.wav

A modern day spaghetti western track, complete with slide guitars and howling harmonica. Great for depictions of the desert, blistering heat and showdowns.

Dark City

An exciting and dynamic orchestral track. Modern and fresh, with a 'Dark Superhero' vibe. The full compliment of orchestral sections are present, along with concert toms and full choir. Full of forward momentum and perfect for trailers, action and projects where a sense of urgency is required.


Old hip hop in the vein of Cypress Hill, et al. Retro hip hop beats combined with piano, vinyl scratches and operatic vocal snippets.

412 Trailer

A very energetic, impacting and strong hybrid track, featuring percussion, and orchestra, playing a dramatic and outstanding tune, great for trailers, video-games and even corporate where an awesome and bright mood is required.

413 Emotional Trailer AC2

A fantastic epic track, starting in a very soft way, building up to a very energetic end.

415 Epic Trailer AC2

A fantastic epic track, starting in a very soft way, building up to a very energetic end.

414 Trailer Music III AC2

A fantastic epic track, starting in a very soft way, building up to a very energetic end.

411 Dream Big

A very energetic instrumental track, inspiring and positive.A great asset for any corporate video, movie and any video application where an exciting track is required.
Yann Keerim
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